African Corpse is a mixture of brute vocals, aggressively forcing drums and the guitars’ uncompromisingly interaction.The young Thrash Death Band from Heilbronn located in the South of Germany (Baden-Württemberg) wants to show the harshness and brutality of life.

Its name African Corpse is due to the same titled song “african corpse” which describes the daily hunger and death of the poor all around the World.”Everybody knows but nobody cares” – This global injustice has to be fought!!

Formed in spring 2009 the four young Swabians Christopher Aldinger (Vocals/Guitars), Alexander Klein (Guitars), Daniel Rieth (Bass) and Conner Nelson (Drums) developed their own style mixing Thrash and Death elements with modern powerful and heavy parts.

Watch the Official Video “Corpsewar” from the 2013 album “Corpsewar”! +FSK 18+