– Hello Jan Hoffmann, how are you doing?

Hey! We just returned from the last leg of the tour and it was great. All of the shows have been really enthusiastic and we are very happy!
This was an anniversary tour for our Avoid The Light album from 2009 so it felt great to revisit this album together with our fans. We played just a couple of exclusive shows for this anniversary and two of them in the Netherlands (Utrecht and Eindhoven) and all of the shows were a blast, thanx to everyone for coming to see us!

– The band is from Munster, Germany. How is the scène at the moment in this area. I know a really old hardrock band from there, called Mad Max….?

There are a lot of bands in and around Münster. Neaera for example or Donots. Münster has a vivid scene and some of our band members also have other projects like the black metal band PERISH or the grindcore band EITER or the hardrock outfit HEALER. So yeah, Münster is alive and kicking 😊

– The band started in 2006. Please tell us how the band got started?

When we started the band, we didn’t really have a plan for this, it basically just happened. We met each other to jam around a bit, because we all came from a metal background and we wanted to try something different, more atmospheric. As we did not find a really good vocalist, we decided to go for instrumental music. We were lucky to be at the right spot at the right time I guess.

– I heard for the first time about the band from, I think it was from the Head of Promotion in SPV at that time, Mirko Marten (R.I.P). Later the band moved to Inside Out and since 2022 in earMUSIC together with labelmates; Alice Cooper, Marillion etc. Please tell us about the record label changes…?

Contracts expire after a certain amount of time and we resigned with Inside Out Music, so we have been there for a long time. With the last album “ERASER” the contract expired again and we decided to try something new and different, that´s why we signed with Ear Music, who do a really good job. I guess sometimes it´s good to breath some fresh air.

Please tell us about the last album; Eraser, 2022. Writing Process, time in the studio, reactions from fans and press..?

I think we started writing ERASER in spring 2021 and recorded it about one year later in early 2022, so this was during the pandemic. We had a lot of time to write and I guess that’s why the album is so rich in details. We did not plan that it would become so heavy, it just happened. It´s probably the most progressive and complex album so far. We recorded drums in a high level studio in Hannover and also did the mix there, the guitars and bass where recorded by ourselves in Münster. The reactions from press and fans where amazing so we were really happy about I, haha. I think it´s a really strong album and it´s fun to play the songs live.

Any news about a new album?

Not really, we just started writing.

-When did you start to play the Bass? And how did you get involved in the prog, rock, Metal scène?

I started with guitar when I was about 16 or 17 I think and then I switched to bass. I had two bands before LDC and all I wanted to do was playing rock and metal music so I think it came pretty naturally to get into the scene if you really want it and, more important, meet the right people.

-What are some of your favorite bands?

For me personally I would say Tool, A Perfect Circle and Pink Floyd, but every LDC member would tell you something else haha

Do you have a last word to the readers of Bonavox.nl?

Thanx a lot for your time and interest. Come to a show to witness us live and tell all your friends!