InVogue Records was founded in 2009 by Nick Moore (Before Their Eyes vocalist) in Findlay, Ohio. InVogue has an exciting roster of bands on the rise. The label offers a diverse selection of alternative rock, punk, spoken word, and hardcore artists. The label’s releases are now distributed through ADA/WMG.

Downloadthe free IVR Summer Sampler here and discover some new artists.

  1. Being As An Ocean– Little Richie
  2. Dayseeker – The Burning Of Bridges
  3. Hotel Books– Run Wild, Young Beauty
  4. Before Their Eyes – Anything’s Possible In New Jersey
  5. Kingdom Of Giants – Ground Culture
  6. Courage My Love – Kerosene
  7. Dependence – Things I Haven’t Felt
  8. For ALL I AM – Tunnel Vision
  9. Hawthorne Heights – Niki FM (Acoustic)
  10. ChaseHuglin – Shae
  11. Until We Are Ghosts – Wearing Thin
  12. Famous Last Words – One In The Chamber
  13. Let It Happen – High And Dry
  14. Sienna Skies – Quarterlife
  15. City Lights – Not Scared
  16. Shreddy Krueger – Child Heart
  17. JTWoodruffMusic – Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed Girl

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