Our source has exclusively revealed to us that Underoath will be reuniting for a tour in 2016. Define The Great Line turns ten next year and They’re Only Chasing Safety turned ten last year. What a coincidence!

The original lineup (from those albums) will be playing both albums front to back each night. Spencer Chamberlain even hinted at a tour in an interview:

With the reunion sentiment still pinned to this tour, it is too tempting not to ask about the idea of Underøath getting back together down the road. Is that in the cards?

Maybe. We’ll see. Next year is the 10-year anniversary of Define The Great Line. Me and Aaron [Gillespie – currently playing drums for Paramore] coordinated our tours with our managers so Paramore is off while Sleepwave is off, just in case. If I can make it work, I’ll make it work … If they do it, they’ll probably get fired from their full-time jobs and they have kids to feed. So at this point, it’s a big fat baby.