A bunch of guys with long hair playing flashy guitars in a claustrophobic room, with arty images interspersed. If Stryper’s new video for “Pride” — the first single from the group’s latest album Fallen (out Oct. 16) — looks a little old school, the group takes that as a compliment.

“It’s hard when you make videos for a band like Stryper these days, ’cause a lot of times you don’t have the budget,” frontman Michael Sweet tells Billboard about the clip, which Billboard is premiering exclusively below. “Back in the days when we made ‘Calling On You,’ those big videos in the ’80s, you were talking $100,000, $200,000 budgets. Right now you’re very fortunate if you have a $5,000 budget to make a video, so you’ve got to be more creative. Sometimes they’re not what you expect them to be or aren’t comparable to what you did before, but I think ‘Pride’ is an exception. We’re very pleased with it.”

Watch “Pride” below.

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