Hello Piotr how are you doing?

Hello I’m really fine, I had a very interesting year behind me, In my private life and musical life and of course I’m very happy to answer for your questions for  Bonavox.nl

How did you spend the Christmas and Sylvester time?

Yes… Christmas and New Year’s eve… It’s free time for me, So I  spend this time at Home and I was resting and rechearging batteries for the New year…

Please tell us something about your hometown or city?

I live in small Town but this town is a part of a big Silesian agglomeration. So if you ask me about this area what can I say … you must visit this pleace located in Silesia area. It’s named Myslovitz.

How is the Metal scène at the moment in Poland?

The metal scene in Poland is great I think, you know Horrorscope is still working hahahahah. We`re active for over 20 years now. So it’s fine. But seriously, we have a very strong metal scene in Poland of course you know the big polish names like; Behemoth, Vader Or Decapitated but believe me we have a lot of great metal bands and I think the polish metal scene is still growing…..

Can you tell us briefly how the band got together?

It will be very briefly because I’m not the first member of the band and I really don’t know how the guys started to play. I believe they loved music and some day they decide to start play music .

I think it was looking like that and they still love music because we still play and we want to play together. Our lineup is stable now, the same members from the past 10 years I think.


The last release was in 2017 with Altered World Practice. How was the album received by press and fans?

Yes the last album „Altered World Practice” was released by Defense Rec. in 2017 and press reviews where very good and I think our latest album is also really liked by the audience. Some time ago we plaed some bigger shows with Exodus and Iced Earth and the crowd reaction was excellent! If you visit our Face book band profile you can watch some photo gallery from this shows which looking fantastic, especially when so many people are having fun even during the big group who went for a nice crowdsurfing…..

Did you Guys toured after the release in Poland and outside PL?

We’ve already played a lot of concerts in Poland and we have plans to play a few concerts this year outside of our country, if I remember well in May, we’re planning a concert in Berlin with our friends from there and we will see whatelse will come across our path….

Please tell us something about Defense Records from Krakow, PL. How did you get signed with them?

It’s a simple story, well-conceived long-time metal connoisseurs and enthusiasts, they live for metal. So that’s why these people will always be found. That’s all. Its a true and reliable record publisher for the local scene.

Please tell us something about the lyrics? What kind if things you like to write about?

It is changeable. On our last album, we focused on our frustrations, anger and unspoken aggression and about all those things which make us burn so much, that we’re about to blow. I guess everybody feels this way, and the whole idea’s of the lyrics let us throw out all the bad energy cumulated in our mind. For some time we’ve been lyrically working with our bass player who expose some literary abilities. Xycho writes a big part of the lyrics – it is a very comfortable and artistically productive layout.


What kind of bands inspired you Guys to start Horrorscope and did you find new bands you like anno 2018/2019..?

There are a lot of bands that inspired us to start playing our own music, of course many thrash metal bands, if you look at the name of the band you see the first inspiration- Overkill,

But believe me, there were many other bands that inspired us and are still inspiring to create new things through our music. When we started, and believe me, we are not so young, there were not so many bands, so many good bands, now there are a lot of good new bands of course polish bands too but there are also a lot of shitty bands that should never start playing music.

How did you get in contact with Sergio Klein?

Sergio Klein, is fantastic guitarist, great and a very funny guy , He was a member in The Outside band and we where meeting each other a couple of years ago when we played several concerts in Germany, He liked our music very much and we decided to invite him to play as guest at the gig in Germany  first, then a guitar solo on our new album and of course He did it very well!!! You should listen to this solo and the rest of the album.

Who was responsible for the front cover of the last album?

Natalia Jonderko was responsible for the work on the front cover on the last album, she is a very talented person, you can check her arts I strongly recommend, her website is www.nstation.pl

Do you also still record music with Polish lyrics or only In English?

A long time ago when I was not playing with the guys, the band recorded a few songs with Polish lyrics but now we’re only recording English lyrics

Please tell us when and why you started to play the drums?

I started to play drums when I was about 12 years old. Its quite some time ago hahahahaha. I have two older brothers and they were listening to rock and metal music and they both playing on the guitar. I do not like to stand too long, so I decided to sit behind the drums hahahaha. Seriously I don’t remember too much about it, but I like to play the drums that’s all …

Any new album ideas for the future?

Of course, we’re slowly working on new songs, but mainly we are focused on promoting Altered World Practice now.

Do you have a last word to the readers of Bonavox.nl?

Greetings from Horrorscope to all readers of Bonavox.nl, visit our website and listening to our music and rate and tell us about it and we are waiting for some concerts in the Netherlands !!!