Elgibbor: Atmospheric Medieval Black Metal


Hello Jaroslaw how are you doing?

Not too shabby

Please tell us something about your past. You removed from Poland to The USA. That’s quite a big step..?

Well yes I was moved to America because I have American wife;)

Jaroslaw with live band; Elgibbor somewhere in the USA 2017

When you where living in Poland, how did you get involved in Metal music? Did your parants listen to rock music or via classmates?

I was born in Debno than I was moving to Gdynia, Metal music was always part of my life when I was young listening a lot of 80’ Metal in radio or got some copies from my friends who was listening same kind of music, my parents listening more like folk or classical music but my older brothers listening rock or hippie.

Did you play in a band when you where young?

Yes I was playing in many bands I don’t remember the names of the bands is too many;)

What where your favorite Polish Metal bands?

Kat, Vader, Dead Infection…and many of the bands where/are my friends..

Then you removed to USA, then you formed Elgibbor. Please tell us about the start of … are you recording all instruments by yourself? And when you play a live show how do you find the other guys to play with you?

Well yes I was recording albums by my self, and I was going to many festivals so I meet many people who played same style of music like mine

You are just recording new songs for a new album? Please tell us about the writing process, time in the studio etc.?

Yes we started recording new material last year we are recording step by step recording in different studios but final mix will be by my self this new material has new members in the band: Sebat and Azahel (Frost like Ashes) Jokull (Frosthardr ), Pathos (Symphony of heaven) , Ruah (Ascending King)

Will the release be via a record label or will it be via your own management?

The album Resist Him will be released by Vogr (Vision of God Records) on vinyl.

What are some of your favorite bands at the moment?

I like too many bands most underground scene and it’s depends of my mood and it’s not always metal music;)


Can you tell us what the idea is behind the band is it just to play folk/Black Metal or is there for you more than meets the eye and want to express this through your music and lyrics?

Well I always like traditional folk or medieval folk expressions of my music it’s what happened at the time on my spiritual or life world

Do you have a last word or something that’s on your heart you want to share with.

Yes Thank you all for your support and stay safe

Album, 2016