Hello Charon how are you doing?

Charon: Thank You I’m fine!

Please tell us something about your hometown/city where you live?

Charon: I live in the capital of Poland, Warsaw, but I come from the smaller town of Opoczno to which I go to rest and relax. Warsaw is a large city, moderately modern .. such a typically concrete jungle. Although I like Warsaw, I hope that soon I will move to some quiet place close to nature.

How is the metal scene in Poland doing after nearly 2 years of the “pandemic”..?

Andrew: Really weird to be honest. First of all the prices and requirements from the clubs went up. Lots of places have to close down, the one that didn’t, have to recover from the lockdowns somehow – no surprise there. Second of all there A LOT of bands that want to play gigs so – as you may know – lots of festivals or places are booked few years into the future. And at last but not least i’m bit surprised by the amount of people on gigs – my imagined scenario was that people after a pandemic would storm the clubs for live music. But i don’t see that tendency and i’m talking overall not only about our gigs 😊

Please tell us about the writing process and time in the studio recording the album?

Charon: The time in the studio itself was very creative. Although we had a lot prepared for the recordings, we always think of something new, some licks, changing solos or playing a part. Also, apart from the tedious recording of previously limited material and drinking a lot of coffee, there is always room for creativity. Anyway, the drums were recorded at Filip Hałucha’s “Hainrich House Studio”. The guitars and bass were recorded at Witek Nowak’s “Devil`s Tail Production”, Vocal in another studio, “Fire Studio”. However, the whole thing was mixed and mastered in “Aurora Studio” near Poznań.

How was the album received by press & fans?

Charon: Overall, it was received very pleasantly;) However, we are waiting for a tour that will verify the reaction of fans and audience. Due to the pandemic, the concerts so far have been severely limited by us. If nothing changes as it is now, at the end of the year we will divert the tour and then I will be able to say more about the reaction. In any case, there is always a response from the people and the press. We are constantly trying to promote it.

Who was responsible for the artwork of the booklet/front-cover of the album?

Andrew: I’m responsible 😊 We’ve spent a lot of time searching for a decent album cover. The one that would please us as a band and the one that no one would have a major objections to. After a couple of months of searching we had nothing – we had some ideas, some graphics or artists but there always were some problems (copyrights, price and so on). So finally I’ve decided that maybe I should give it a try and I sent my proposition. They really liked it and I was left with the task of the whole graphic desing of our cover and booklet. Luckily enough Charon and the rest gave me an absolute creative freedom for what I am very grateful.

How do you describe the music and what are some of you favorite bands/artists?

Charon: I like a lot of bands. Some I came back to after many years, some I get to know anew. I am also looking for new, interesting bands, although I must admit that there is little original playing. I grew up on Guns n Roses, Queen, I really like Pantera, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Behemoth, Nomad and many others. How would I describe the music? Hmmmm interesting question. Music for me is a springboard, something without which I would not be myself. It is passion, air, freedom.

Do you have a last word to the readers of Bonavox.nl

Charon: We invite you for quite an interesting ride with our new album Gloria Mortis. I would compare it to driving an older car but with new equipment, whatever it sounds like;). Come to our profile on FB, Instagram and we invite you to the concerts! Greetings to all of you!