Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell has revealed via Facebook that he has finished recording his new solo album. The effort is expected later in the year.

After Soundgarden disbanded in 1997 at the height of the group’s success, Cornell embarked on a solo career, releasing “Euphoria Morning” in 1999 and debuting a softer sound both live and on the record. But when that album failed to take off, he accepted an offer in 2001 to join with the instrumental members of Rage Against the Machine after vocalist Zack de la Rocha exited that group. The new act, called Audioslave, released its self-titled debut in 2002. Audioslave was a huge success from the start and released two more albums, 2005’s “Out Of Exile” and 2006’s “Revelations”. But by the time “Revelations” came out, Cornell was already looking at other projects and recorded the theme song, “You Know My Name”, for the 2006 James Bond comeback film “Casino Royale”. In early 2007 he officially left Audioslave to revive his solo career, while the rest of the band reactivated Rage Against the Machine