11224694_1237351362956920_1735170682992557891_nNew release out on October 30th: ‘Breaking Point – B-sides 2011-2015’! A special compilation for the fans, consisting of the best b-sides and bonus tracks in our career!


  1. Hunger (Acoustic)
  2. Afterlife (Acoustic)
  3. Amaranthine (Acoustic)
  4. Burn With Me (Acoustic)
  5. Trinity (Acoustic )
  6. True (Acoustic)
  7. Breaking Point
  8. Splinter In My Soul


Commented Olof:

“As some of you know, Amaranthe has recorded quite a few b-sides and bonus tracks throughout the years,” guitarist Olof said. “We’ve always tried to keep the quality high, as something extra for our fans, but until now a lot of these tracks have been hard-to-find rarities, and quite spread out. We are now very excited to release a collection of some of the best b-sides and bonuses: Breaking Point: B-Sides 2011-2015″ It focuses on some of the best acoustic renditions of fan favorites as well as a couple of originals from the early days! Enjoy this rare and different side of Amaranthe!”

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