October 2011, Abrupt Demise played their first festival supporting the bands; Vomitory, Prostitute Disfigurement, Sinster, Debauchery and some other great bands.

This was the start of the “End Of Life” campaign which had over 12 successful gigs in The Netherlands. Following up from this tour, Abrupt Demise played on several festivals including the Stonehengefestival in their hometown Steenwijk, a benefit-festival in the fight against children cancer at: Romein, Leeuwarden and some festivals like Death Over Drachten, etc… They were also featured on the supporting tour for Brazilian Metal legends: Unearthly, playing venues like: The Cave in Amsterdam.

With their first CD “Aborted From Life”, Abrupt Demise got a lot of media attention and a wide spread radio coverage spanning from The Netherlands to Poland and Canada. This little but brutal CD got some great reviews form all over the world with a total score of 8 out of 10 stars.

They even got quoted; “Not for your grandmother!!”. Which is odd because my grandmother loves Abrupt Demise.

2014, Abrupt Demise started their “Mutual Mutilation” tour with some festivals and gigs in ;

The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Giving themselves and their fans a big thumbs-up

and providing them with a new show, new material/songs and a cool T-Shirt.

They also played at DeathFeast, Andernach, Germany which was a really cool show.

Already I went to one of their shows and was pleasantly surprised. This is not your average death-metal band with 2guys on vocals. No, expect up to 4 guys on vocals and a band playing like madman. They’ve managed to capture a certain ‘groove’ that just keeps them and the audience banging and slamming. These guys know what metal is all about and what their fans want to see and hear. If you get a chance be sure the check them out. You won’t be disappointed!

We can except the hear more from Abrupt Demise, their first full-length album will be recorded somewhere in 2016. Again with a following up tour.

To make a long story short: “If you like metal? you’ll definitely like Abrupt Demise”.