Paweł Małaszyński, was born in 1976 in Poland. He is a known TV and Film Actor in Poland and he is also bandleader of the band Cochise. The band was formed in 2004 in Polish city Bialystok. The band released 4 albums and after their last album: The Sun Also Rises For Unicorns released in 2015 it was about time to let you know a bit more about this band

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What is the meaning of the bandname Cochise, and why you choose this name?
Cochise was the Apache Chief. We’ ve chosen the name because it is mysterious and ambiguous. I had been interested in the Native American culture for a long time and when I heard the song “Cochise” by Audioslave I thought it would be a good name for our band. The other guys agreed to it straightaway.
Please tell us something about your new album, and what is the story behind it: “The Sun Also Rises For Unicorns”?
We wanted to create the best songs we could make in that particular moment. As we always do. ‘Unicorns’ is no exception. I try to include a spiritual element in every song. These are not ‘hamburger’ kind of songs that you can easily sell. I like to build romantic utopian visions of the world in Cochise songs, with a touch of anger and hatred. This time the unicorn helps me find the clarity of perception and the right view on things.

The unicorn in the title of our album has become an important symbol for me, a reflection of changes I had expected from myself and from life. The sun also rises for unicorns, lost individuals who cannot always cope with the reality they live in and cannot cope with themselves. On the other hand, however, I say that you need to be able to find strength within yourself, to rise and move on. You have to look up and look for the sun. Everyone is a unicorn. You need to believe and fight for yourself.
How the new album was received by press and fans?
So far so good, knock, knock touch wood! We’ve received some fantastic reviews. The new songs are being received well at the concerts. We are really happy about it.
How do you describe the music from Cochise?
It is a mix of various kinds of rock and metal. Some say there is a lot of grunge in it as well.
What are some of your and the other bandmembers favorite bands?

The list is really long: Queen, U2, Guns n’ Roses, Metallica, The Doors, Danzig, Rush, Radiohead, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Mercyful Fate, Alice in Chains, Slayer, Led Zeppelin, Budgie, Jethro Tull, Kiss, Tool, QOTSA, Dead Weather, RATM, Jeff Buckley, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Black Sabbath… do you want me to continue? These are just some of them 🙂
Where the readers of Bonavox can find all info about Cochise?

You can go to our website: and on our facebook profile:
Are you playing in other bands or projects beside playing/singing in Cochise?

No, I don’t. I sometimes take part in some projects or charity events.
The band is from Bialystok, known for the Wodka (Polmos) and beer (Zubr) but what about the metal scene in this big city in Poland?

The metal scene is fine here. It really is. There are loads of bands playing heavy music. Many young people play the instruments and think about starting a band. Besides, it is a very interesting city. It has got the potential.
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