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Dear Flo Laurin, how are you doing?

Thanks a lot. I am doing pretty fine. The promo for Master Creator is still running and I am very happy to tell about our latest record.

Flo Laurin at full volume..

flo laurin

Please tell us how Sinbreed got together, who got the idea and how did you get in touch with the other guys, from different bands and backgrounds…?

I started Sinbreed I think like 15 years ago as a project. I always wanted to have Herbie Langhans as a singer, since I saw him as a little kid performing with Seventh Avenue in my hometown. That he later on agreed to sing the first Sinbreed was a big honor to me. I asked Frederik, since he lives in my hometown. As he got Blind Guardians new drummer, this was THE news in the local scene as you can imagine. It was about the same time when I asked him and he joined BG. Alex is from Wiesbaden, too, and he was number one when it comes to bass. This is how the four guys came together.

Original vocalist, Herbie Langhans:

sinbreed live

The new album: “Master Creator”, just saw the light of day, via AFM Records. Please tell us about the album, production, recording, studio etc.?

Exactly. We recorded the new record once more on our own, with a lot of parts with each musician in their home studio, but also together at Frederik’s studio. For mix we once more worked with Markus Teske, who mixed WWC and Shadows already. For us, mix is very important and we save the money for recording to spend it on the mix, which took us 5 weeks at Markus studio. This is pretty long actually, but totally worth it in my opinion.

How did the band got in contact with your new record label: AFM Records..?

We have been in touch since the beginning. With Shadows it was the next logic step to have a strong label that know what they are doing in the power metal section. So far it is a very healthy collaboration no doubt about that.

Who made this really great cover of the album? and tell us where the album is all about lyrically?

It was once more done by Felipe Machado Franco, who really managed to transpose the message of the title track. Lyrically we have many different approaches, you know the fight good against bad. But, and this is a tradition already, on each sinbreed record we work one classic book. On WWC we Had George Orwell, in Shadows Oscar Wilde and now Franz Kafka.

How the new album; Master Creator is received by press and the fans?

So far we get nothing but great feedback- After Marcus left we feel happy that we managed it all and brought out this freaking album, hahaha.

Sinbreed with Nick Holleman:

bandfoto met nick holleman

Because of the busy schedule of Herbie Langhans with Avantasia, you had to find a vocalist for the Sinbreed shows, you are doing at the moment. You found Nick Holleman (vocalist: Vicious Rumors). How did you find this vocalist and how did it go at the festival?

You are right. Nick was suggested to me by a common friend, and after I listened to the first clips on youtube from him I was able to imagine him singing sinbreed songs. We got in contact and after managing it all out we agreed upon to play those three first shows together. He is a fantastic singer and super cool, those shows were a lot of fun and I believe we rocked pretty hard, haha. The fans accepted Nick right away so it was great fun to play those shows.

Sinbreed is also supporting Van Canto, that’s an honor I think….or not….?

Yes, totally. We are friends with Van Canto since a few years and finally we managed to open up for them. It was a blast!

Any other news you can or want to share with us?

By now you know that there is a bigger tour coming. And there will be some news concerning the lineup yes, but not right now, sorry, haha.

sinbreed tour poster

I read on Facebook that you were moving? to another house or so..or I read/saw it wrong?

Oh, haha, yes you are right. Damn you, internet, haha. Yes, I moved to a new house where I am finally able to have a proper room for many more Sinbreed song ideas I hope.

What are your own favorite bands and artists to name a few?

Of course. I have to mention here: Judas Priest, Vicious Rumors, RIOT, Malmsteen. That’s about it.

Where can our readers find all the info about Sinbreed?

Your readers are very welcome to check our webpage out, and also become friends on Facebook, where we put all news online directly from the band.

Any last word or something that’s on your heart you want to share with our readers?

I thank all of your readers and I welcome all to check out our music. If you are into power metal with a certain touch of heaviness, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thanks a lot !