You live in New Orleans. Please tell us something about your hometown? and how is the metal scene overthere..?

I’m doing great, thank you . Yes New Orleans is my hometown. We have so many great things here but first and foremost is the food!!! Our style of cooking is different here than anywhere I’ve ever been. Unfortunately, there really isn’t much of a metal scene here like years ago. We have bands that play  on the weekends that are really good, but it’s so hard nowadays to get noticed. I feel fortunate that when I started Crowbar, the music scene was still booming out here. There were more clubs for live music.

I just read on Facebook that you guys should play in Florida? But that shows had to be cancelled, because of Hurricane Matthew..?

Yes the routing for the tour put us in the path of the hurricane. We hated to cancel the shows but we wanted to be safe. Driving into a hurricanes path seemed a bit nuts to do.

Please tell us about the new album, that will see the light of day at: 28 October 2016, via SPV/Steamhammer. Writing process, Time in the Studio etc..?

Well the music is always written first. Matt and I come up with riffs and play them for each other. Because I am the vocalist, I normally arrange the songs. We record the riffs and put song together and then present it to Tommy and he comes up with his own drum parts. Then we add bass. The whole music process is complete before the vocals are done.



I really like the title of the album: “The Serpent only Lies”.. it sounds, somehow familiar to me…What’s the album all about, lyrically I mean..?

Every song is different. I write  what I feel at the time. I normally write the lyrics to each song the day before studio. I listen to the song and close my eyes and just think.


Who created the nice album cover..?

Eliran Kantor did the amazing art work. It’s an oil painting.

In November 2016 your European Tour wil start..: Are you guys happy to come back again..? What do you guys think about Europe and the metal fans overhere..?

We are so excited to come back! We always have a blast in Europe. The fans are great and really appreciate and enjoy the shows.

This is the second time this year, that you will tour Europe. I think a lot of US bands cannot say that they toured EU twice a year..?

In 2014 we toured Europe 4 times hahaa. We love it!!! It is a wonderful thing to be able to do this. I feel truly blessed!

You guys toured this year with one of my favorite bands in Europe, TROUBLE. Are they beside colleagues also friends of yours..?

They are the best!!! They were great to tour with. I have been knowing them for a while. The current vocalist Kyle Thomas is from New Orleans and we have known each other since we were teenagers.


 Do you have any hobbies or do you have a family to take care about, beside being a Crowbar member..?

I love college football, if that’s a hobby lol. I have a 13 year old daughter, a wife that tours with me, 2 stepchildren and a granddaughter.

 What are some of your own favorite bands…?

Trouble, TypeONegative, Melvins, early Kiss, MSG etc. I like the older rock!!

 Do you have any last word, or something that’s on your heart you want to share with us…?

I just want to thank everyone for all the support throughout the years of my career. Without all of you I would not be able to be doing this interview. Cheers and see you soon on the road! And don’t forget to get the new album!!

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