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Hello Maik Reuvers, how are you doing?
I’m doing great! We are so stoked for Pitfest already!
Please tell us something about your hometown?
I live in a small town, called Erica. It’s in the north-east in The Netherlands, pretty close to the German border.
Can you tell us what the idea was behind Pitfest and how it got started..?
Somewhere in the nineties, I started organising underground shows in Erica. Friends started helping me out and a little crew was born. We did mainly punkrock and hardcore shows at that time. The visitors started calling it Punkhol Erica (free translation: Punkcave Erica) and we could host a maximum of 150 people. A lot of great bands played at the Punkhol. For example: Peter Pan Speedrock, Altar, Tech-9, Cold as Life, Born from Pain, Comin Correct, The Apers, Jabberwocky, Seein’ Red, The Collywobbles, Discipline and many many more.

In 2015, I had the feeling that I woke up from a very long wintersleep. I wanted to organise a festival like the old days, but in a professional way. So I reached out to the guys that were involved so many years ago. And everyone was enthusiastic about it, so that’s how Pitfest got started!


Why you choose the town Erica for this festival? It’s not the most known area to organize something concerning….Heavy Metal….?
 We chose Erica, because that is where it all started so many years ago. And I really believe that if you do it right, people will come to a place like Erica or some other town in the middle of nowhere.
 There are some big names playing in Erica this year; Like Napalm Death, Crowbar and God Dethroned etc. That’s a big achievement I think..? Please tell us about this years Pitfest?
We are proud as a peacock! Our goal was and will always be: to put up a very diverse and typical Pitfest line-up. We want punkers, metalheads and hardcore kids to enjoy it and have a great day at Pitfest. This year’s line-up is almost like a dream for us. Napalm Death in Erica! If you would have told us that when we were getting together in august 2015, we would have sent you to a nut-house, haha. But don’t forget the rest of the line-up. We really have a bunch of badass bands on the bill. For example: what about God Macabre, one of the first Swedish deathmetal bands ever. Actually, it’s not even fair to highlight just a few bands, because we are proud of the complete line-up.
 Where our readers can find all the info about the festival..?
All info can be found on our website ( and our Facebook page:
Are there any bands or musicians you would really  like to see playing at Pitfest…Maybe in 2018 or later…?
Oh absolutely. We just have our 2nd edition this year, so there is a HUGE wishlist for the upcoming years, haha.  There are just too many names on that list. We already started preparations for Pitfest 2018 and we accepted the challenge to make it a little bigger and better again.
 What er some of your own favorite artists or bands..?
That really depends on my mood. I have a broad taste in (loud) music. A few names that come to mind and also show the broadness: Sick of it All, At the Gates, NOFX, Turnstile, Entombed, The Black Dahlia Murder, Zeke, Municipal Waste, Hatebreed, Obituary and many many more 😉
Do you have any last word to the readers of ?
Next year, it might be smart not to wait and see with getting a Pitfest ticket. We had to disappoint a lot of people that wanted to buy a ticket after we were officially sold out.