Hello Nils Molin, how are you doing?

Nils: I’m very good, thank you! A little tired after being out on tour for a month, but other than that, I’m stellar!

At the moment you are probably at the end of the Amaranthe European tour. Please tell us how things are going so far..?

Nils: It has been an incredible experience, playing arenas almost everyday and really getting to know how to handle that kind of crowd. And opening for a band like Sabaton is always enthralling.

Nils Molin, studio

Any news you can/may share about Amaranthe?

Nils: There will be a new Amaranthe album coming later this year. And tours, lots of tours, haha!

Later this year. Between Aug. and October you tour with Amaranthe through the USA and Canada, how can you combine both bands; Amaranthe and Dynazty?

Nils: I’m basically constantly working and on the road. Not a problem though. I love the lifestyle. There is always more time than you think.

The new album: ” The Dark Delight” will see the light of day on April 3rd this year. Tell us about the single/music video that was released a couple of days ago: “Presence of Mind”? (Why the band choose this song for the single/tell us about the production of the video etc).

Nils: ‘Presence Of Mind’ was one of the first songs written for the album. Though actually not finalized until much later. It turned out great, especially once we got it recorded for real, it turned into a great choice for a first single. The video was shot in Helsinki, Finland where the production company and video director operate.

Why the band choose to work with Toge Ronnqvist and Jacob Hansen to be the mixer for the single and full album?

Nils: Tage Rönnqvist directed our music video for ‘The Human Paradox’ and we were very happy with the shooting and the result. We wanted the same kind of visual style for this one so it was a no-brainer to contact him again. Jacob Hansen is one of the very best producers/mixers in the world of rock and metal today. I got to know him through Amaranthe and once I got around to ask if he would want to do Dynazty and got a very exciting response, this was a definite no-brainer!

You mentioned in a statement: that; The band pulled out all steps, pulled no punches and held nothing back on this one…What did you guys do different on this album if you compare it with the other releases?

Nils: We definetaly went all in, in terms of production. Where on the ‘Firesign’ album our goal was to be a little minimalistic, our goal on ‘The Dark Delight’ was the opposite. We recorded an insane amounts of backing vocals, went deep into arrangements and orchestrations etc. And once we got around to record it, we were extremely precise in making sure that all the performances were exactly the way they should be. Also we wrote more songs than ever before, and cherry picked the very best ones.


What are the reactions so far on the release of the first single?

Nils: All very positive. I couldn’t imagine a better response!

Please tell us about the writing procress, time in the studio, recording the new album..?

Nils: We started writing the album in the first quarter of last year. Wrote throughout the spring and the summer, and finally stopped writing in early October and immedietaly started recording the album for real. The recording was done in several different places during November and December with shows and tours being done in between. Overall a very good process, and the results are amazing.

Do you have any plans what will happen after the release of the album…? Will there be a tour coming up..?

Nils: We will do a European round right after the release of the album, then a Scandinavian one. In the fall we will do another European tour this time headlining, and most likely also intercut with Japan. Next year will continue in the same vein.

Can you tell us something about the lyrics of the album?

Nils: They draw inspiration from my life, other people’s life or just life in general. There are some darker ones as well as many uplifting ones. Themes run throughout the album, re-occur and take different shapes and forms.

Nils Molin Live with the band

When did you start singing? did you visit a conservatory to be a professional singer?

Nils: I’m a self-taught singer. Though I did go to a music high-school that inspired me a lot. But in terms of rock singing I’m self taught.

You where born in 1988. Probably starting to be interested in music somewhere in the 90’s. How did you get involved in the metal scene..?

Nils: I somehow managed to find rock music and metal by myself. There was just something drawing me towards it. I played guitar as a kid and had a great guitar teacher who showed me lots of bands I had not discovered yet, and that furthered my interest even more. Once I was in high school, I started playing in local bands and from there I was off and running.

the band

Right after you joined Amaranthe you sung a acoustic version of a cover from Bon Jovi-Bed of Roses, live in Grand Nattkub in Christianstad. Has Bon Jovi a special place in your heart musically?

Nils: Not necessarily. I’ve of course listened to Bon Jovi growing up but I would not in any way call it one of my main influences.

Do you have any hobby /sport or family to take care about beside being involved in 2 bands..?

Nils: I have lots of hobby’s and unfortunetaly too little time these days to nurture them all. I love films and tv-series and try to catch up whenever I have time. I also LOVE football. And watch as much as I possibly can.

Do you have a last word or something thats on your heart to share with the readers?

Nils: Thanks for reading and make damn sure that you listen to ‘The Dark Delight’ once it drops on April 3rd! Then.. See you on tour!

Single, videoclip new album 2020

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