Eyes of Dead Cities" is the latest CETI album containing 9 premiere songs sung by Grzegorz Kupczyk entirely in Polish.

The material was recorded in a strengthened band composition - with the second guitarist by Bartek Sadura, Jakub Kaczmarek and drummer Jeremiasz Baum - under the watchful eye of Mariusz Piętka in MP Studio.

1. Eyes of dead cities
2. The machine of chaos
3. Out of time
4. Line of life
5. Shadows
6. False God
7. Stone hell
8. Stigma
9. In the valley of light

Grzegorz Kupczyk - vocal
Bartek Sadura - guitar
Tomasz Targosz - bass guitar
Maria Wietrzykowska - keyboards, vocals, vocals
Jakub Kaczmarek - guitar
Jeremiah Baum - drums

The vinyl of the new album will be released via MMP 8 Mai 2020

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