Hello Kevin Wright how are you doing?

I’m doing great. The weather here is starting to become nice and I can spend time in the yard with the chickens and go to the gun range.

Please tell us how the metal scene is in your area?

The scene in Columbus Ohio is not one I’m particularly involved in these days. It is alive and seems to be very collaborative, unlike in my youth, where when we saw another band, we were gonna fight haha..

In 2013 you came to be a part of Jacobs Dream. Can you tell us how this came into being?

I wanted to do covers. I’d been an original musician all my life and had never made money, so I thought I would start a cover band and make some money. I was in a band called Teezer. We were playing hair metal era covers at a show that James (Jacobs Dream Bassist) was attending. He took video of us playing a Scorpions song. He took the video back to the band and they got in touch with me. I turned them down several times haha. 

Finally I agreed to audition and I enjoyed the music and the guys were very cool. Then I went to practice every week for 4 months before they finally told me I was in the band haha.

Please tell us what happend in 2016, David Taylor Showed up again and you left the band?

I was just tired. I needed a break, so I took one. David came back to sing, but unfortunately, other commitments kept him from filling the role the way he wanted to.

But in 2018 you came back again, when David left the band again?

I did come back, but David is still involved. I suppose you could say, in some ways that we have 2 singers now? 

I have to say that i don’t know to much about you, so i want to ask when you started to do the vocals/singing in general and hoe you got involved in heavy metal music?

I’ve been singing my whole life I suppose. I grew up in a church. My father is a retired Pastor of the Wesleyan Church and I would say that was the basis of my musical beginning. I didn’t really get into metal until my 20’s. I joined the Army and a lot of guys I hung out with listened to metal and got me into it.

Are your parants/family members into music?

Absolutely. They were my first influences. 

So you didn’t do the vocals on the last JD album to date; Sea of Destiny (2017)?

I am indeed the vocalist on Sea of Destiny. It was a long process, but it was fun to do. 

What was the last concert you Guys did in the USA?

Since the Covid Pandemic, we haven’t played. We don’t do gigs around here very often. We’ve been concentrating more on writing and recording. We played in Milwaukee 2 years ago at the NYDM Spring Bash, then a show at a radio station bar CD 102.1 in May, then an acoustic show for a homeless charity Fleurs Dream in June, so it’s been pretty quiet since the Covid Pandemic. 

How the band members and the family survive the Covid/Pandemic?

It hasn’t been easy, so far no one has contracted the virus, so fingers are crossed! Mostly, we just stay home haha

In 2016 you played a live show in Switzerland. Please tell us about this festival in Europe and the fans overhere?

That was the Elements of Rock. It was an amazing yearly festival put on by a bunch of amazing people. It’s been one of the highlights of my time with JD. The fans in Europe are the best. In America, everything is based on trends. In the US, we are one of the few known bands that don’t scream. I enjoy it in others music, but have never embraced the trend myself. When we play, some people tend to think of us as old farts stuck in the past. In Europe, musically at least, it seems as though once something is thought of as “cool” it is always “Cool”. We appreciate how the fans have embraced our old school metal style and stuck with the band through the years even though we never changed to embrace whatever new trend was happening in metal music.

Beside playing in JD what is your profession/work and what are your hobby’s beside singing?

My profession is Private Security. My hobbies include Firearms, edged weapons, self defense and combat tactics. I also love Hockey! I am Canadian after all haha. 

What are some of your favorite bands/artist?

That list is extremely long, but some of the tops are Iron Maiden, Queen, Yngwie, Pantera, Depeche Mode, Skid Row, Queensryche, Alice in Chains, Periphery and Bullet For My Valentine.

Any future plans for Jacob’s Dream?

We’re working on something, but it’s TOP SECRET!!

Do you have a last word or something that’s on your heart you want to share with our readers?

Stick together, lift each other up and make everyone your friend!

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