Klank, is an American Industrial Metal band. Started in 1993 in Long Island, New York. We did a mailer interview with the master behind this band Daren Diolosa.

Hello Daren how are you doing?
Klank – I’m doing well, thank you. 

Anthying special you did in this Christmas time?
Klank – Not really. Just hung out at home with the pets. 

I know you from the album; Still Suffering from 1995. And from other projects like Brainchild, Argly Park, Circle of Dust. Please tell us about these exciting times in the 90’S
Klank – The 90’s were an awesome time for Industrial music / guitar driven electronic music. Those were definitely fun projects.

How did you and Klayton from Circle of Dust decide to mix Metal Music like Metallica or Testament with Industrial like Ministry, NIN etc. You were maybe one of the first who did it like that?
Klank – Klay started Circle Of Dust and I came on board in late 1992. The debut Circle Of Dust album from 1992 was definitely ahead of its time and rivealed what Ministry and NIN had been doing. It was similar in style, but different. I always felt that COD was a bit more dynamic and diverse.

How did you get in touch with Klayton from Circle of Dust?
Klank – Klay and I had been friends since our teens and grew up one town over from each other. I used to go into a store he worked at and he was the music buyer there so he’d show me all the cool new and upcoming releases. 

Why you parted ways with him. I thought you were a good team?
Klank – Well in 1995, he decided he didn’t want to do COD anymore so we stopped playing together. I had already been working on KLANK as a side project while I was in COD. When COD ended, I proceeded forward with KLANK as my main focus and did the recording of the debut KLANK cd Still Suffering at his home studio with him producing it. He was never part of KLANK, but was hired to do the album with me. Pat Servedio has been my main writing partner and member of KLANK since right after Still Suffering came out. 

What happened with Klank after; Still Suffering?
Klank – We have been making music the whole time. We have 12 releases out to date. 2 of them are Documentary movie soundtracks, 2 are Remix ep’s, there are multiple full length albums, free ep downloads and a free “Downside 2021” song download we started giving away last year as a Christmas gift. We also released our first vinyl this past year for our “Between Unholy And Divine Vol. 1” which came out in Jan 2022. We also have “Between Unholy And Divine Vol. 2” coming out soon as well as some side projects Pat and I have been working on for quite a while now.

I read that you are a good friend with Mister Doug Pinnick from King’s X? How did you meet? Long time ago I think..? Klank – I met Dug many years ago when I was with COD. We had sent him a CD and he loved it. Next time he came to town with King’s X, I went down to the show early to try to talk to him, got to meet him and hang out for a while and then we became really good friends ever since. Years later, when we were doing our “Urban Warfare“ album, I reached out and asked if he would be interested in singing a song on the album and he said yes. He ended up spending six days at our house hanging out while we recorded. Great times and awesome memories.

In 2017 you released your last album with Klank, called Rise. Please tell us about the writing process, time in the studio, how the album was received by press and fans?
Klank – Yes, Rise was released in 2017, but since then we released 2 movie scores which are Metal Missionaries – The Score (Sept 2017), Metal Health – An Instrumental Music Journey (Sept 2019).We also released an ep called ‘20 in Jan 2020, Downside 2021 song download on Dec 2021 which was Pat and I re-recording the original Downside song with our friends Bryan and Jim from “The Blamed”. Between Unholy And Divine Vol. 1 was released on Jan of 2022, the vinyl version of that came out in Oct 2022 and we just released our Klank & Friends Rise Remixes ep in Dec 2022.

As far as the writing process went, Pat and I had multiple demos, various song sketches, outlines, riffs and miscellaneous parts which we gathered up and started to finalize to form songs. It’s always fun to end up making something out of random pieces and ideas. It’s definitely magical. It was very well received which we are always grateful for.

You invited on the album; Kevin Leaman, Believer, Glen Alvelcius, Hate FX and Earth Crawler ex Testament/Forbidden. How did you cross paths with them?
Klank – I’ve been a huge Believer fan for many years and they’re also good friends. Pat and I talked about it and then I reached out to Kevin to see if he’d throw a solo down on the song Manipulation and he was totally into it. Pretty much the same thing with Glen from HateFX. We played a few shows with them here around California and he’s a really nice guy so we asked and he delivered a killer solo to the song “The Damage” which is about drug addiction.

Any plans for a new album?
Klank – We are presently mixing our upcoming new album “Between Unholy And Divine Vol. 2 and that will be available soon. We have some side projects coming out this year also and probably some more Remixes as well.

Are you still play any live shows?
Klank – Yes, we still play live shows, but haven’t really played any since the whole start of Covid and all that between the lockdowns and safety concerns. We still plan on doing shows at some point, but our main focus right now is getting this new music completed first and getting it out to the listeners.

Any other projects you are working right now?
Klank – Pat and I have a project called “SynthPop lullaBye” which is just super electronic like Depeche Mode and God Lives Underwater, except no heavy guitars or heaviness. It’s all about the old school analog synths, fat drum loops and catchy melodies and hooks. 

Maybe we can see a collaboration with Doug Pinnick in the Future?
Klank – We would love to collaborate with DUg again in the future. Anything is possible and we are open to it. You can hear the remix we did for his song “Perfect World” on our ‘20 ep which is a free download.

Where is Klank lyrically all about?
Klank – Our lyrics are about life, how it affects me personally, effects Pat, those around us and the world in general. We always say the best way to describe our music is like taking a page out of a journal or a diary, and putting it to music. Basically stuff we all go through and anyone can relate to.

Do you have a last word or something you want to share with us?
We want to thank everyone that has been listening over the years because we really appreciate the support. Our music is on all streaming platforms, but if you go to our site directly, you can get some of the free downloads that are exclusive to our site only.

Go to https://klank.bandcamp.com/music

Also please follow us on our social media sites.