Hello Bob Bagchus, how are you doing? Bob- Hi- doing good and hopefully you too?

If you look to the past & present, it’s hard to start somewhere. You are a busy drummer in the metal scene…?Bob- oh busy, doing my thing only and some projects but nothing too serious anymore. It is different now than when I started Asphyx in 1987.

But maybe it’s good to start with the present day, or at least in the near future. 17 February 2023 there will be a new album from Siege of Power see the light of day, with the title; This is Tomorrow. Please tell us about the writing process and time in the studio? Bob- Yes, it is our 2nd album and this time we took it alot more seriously. Paul already had alot of the songs written and Theo had some cool riffs too. We went into the studio, listened to the songs on Paul’s phone and then recorded them right after. Drums were recorded in a day or so. Later Paul and Theo recorded their parts in Paul’s own studio and Chris did the same in the studio in the USA owned by the bassplayer of Autopsy.

What can you tell about the lyrics, are there any special things you guys want to write about or is it just the music that counts and lyrics are on the second place. Or is it the combination between the 2 that makes an album complete..?Bob- Well, themes yes, as in our views on the world we live in today which is quite hilarious but also so sick it could be a brutal thriller. Dark unknown forces behind the scenes pulling the strings of mankind and direct them in any way they want.

Are you still excited after so many years to release a new album and see the Physic album somewhere in a shop around the globe?Bob- Yes it still is a great thing to see an album you worked on getting released. But of course the first one will be always the most special.

We had the Covid thing for about 2 years destabilizing the whole planet. At the moment most people are totally not thinking about it anymore. Festivals are being played, concert halls are filled again, sport events are being played. But for a lot of people and for the bands where really hard times. If you think back about it, how did you and your family, friends managed this time?Bob- we just had to sit that bullshit out since I never believed in those nonsens which were spread over us like a plague. Yes there was Covid but it was a virus spread by men itself and the government regulations made it alot worse but that might have been the whole set up anyway…

What’s going on with Infidel Reich. Any news from the Front..?Bob- at the moment the band is on hold since we think we made our point but whenever we feel like doing another album we might do that. 

It’s more then a year ago Since the release of; New World Outrage was released. How where the reactions from the press and fans to the album?Bob- the reactions were very good and alot of people got the message from Infidel Reich but the album got pretty much censored by media and press but that was exactly why Infidel Reich existed anyway.

How did you get in contact with Raw Skull Records?Bob- I already knew Rai for years and he stood behind our views. So that was an easy deal and he did a great job but dark forces tried to cancel us 

Are you involved in other bands/projects at the moment?Bob- apart from Siege of Power I am doing drums in Horsepower O.D. and a new project with Eric and Martin which is still in the works.

Any Live shows we can expect with you behind the drums?Bob- no plans for that at the moment, haha!

When you started drumming and how did you get involved in Metal Music?Bob- I started drumming in 1987 when I formed Asphyx and I got involved in Metal music when I was like 8 or 9 years old when I heard Alice Cooper, Van Halen and Iron Maiden on the radio so I recorded those songs on a cassette and bought my first 7″s right after that. We had a library which rented alot of Metal albums and it went from the bands mentioned above to Motörhead, Judas Priest, Venom, Exciter, Metallica, Slayer and further.

Do you have a last word, or something that’s on your heart you want to share with us? Bob- Thanx for this Interview……