Dear Henry how are you doing at the moment?

Hi Heiko, thank you I’m great, how do you do?

Please tell us how you got interested in hardrock and heavy metal music?

I didn’t begin with hard&heavy. First I started my musical journey with bands like Smokie, Sweet, The Beatles, Queen etc. I sang along with the radio when I heard them.  I love their music until today. Then one special day came in my life, when I’ve got a music tape in my hands (back then a CD was like a Star Wars thing ha ha). On this Tape was a medley of AC/DC, Kiss, Deep Purple, Rainbow and some other great bands. It was like a big bang in my head. This music thrilled me to the bones. I knew, that this was what I wanted to do.

henry beck2

What are some of your own favorite bands?

There are a lot of bands and music that I love and inspire me. In general I love music which touches my heart and my senses, without splitting on genres. Music for me means a feeling. Until today I love the music I started with. Led Zeppelin, Rainbow, Kiss, Whitesnake, Scorpions, AC/DC, Van Halen, DIO…. too many to mention them all…

How did you get involved in the Legendary Polish heavy metal band KAT? please tell us the story..

After Kat split up with the original singer, I’ve got an offer to work with Kat. We released the album “Mind Cannibals” plus two Videos for the song “Uninvited Guest”.

We went on the first ever in Kat’s history European Tours, alongside such bands like Six Feet Under, Helloween and some more.

Officially I’m still in Kat’s lineup. But the reality is, that since many years I’m not active in Kat anymore. I’ve been focusing on my own projects White Dwarf, Aurora, and some solo stuff, which I’m also working on.


You also where involved in the Helloween tour in 2006 (Keeper of the Seven keys,The Legacy world tour) Please tell us about this great happening for a metal artist?

The European Tour with the legendary band Helloween was a great experience and inspiration for me. For Kat, who played alongside with Metallica, Iron Maiden and  Motorhead in their history, I think the Tours were a thrilling opportunity to play at new places and for a new audience.

What about the other bands/projects you are involved in: White Dwarf and Aurora?

White Dwarf is a power metal project. We released the EP “Solar Storm” and played shows. Also White Dwarf was chosen from over 1000 bands worldwide, to take part in a competition to play at the Sweden Rock Festival.Unfortunately you need billiards of votes to make it real ha ha ha. You can listen to the Solar Storm songs here:

When I look on both Facebook pages (White Dwarfs and Aurora) it seems that it’s Quiet with both bands or am I wrong?

For White Dwarf we have got already about 16 songs, which are partly recorded, but there is still work to finish the album’s production. If everything works as I hope, the album will be released in 2016.

My other melodic Hard Rock band AURORA, actually has priority. Last year, we released 3 singles and Videos (by Rekino Produktion). Tattooed Angel, Aurora and One life One Soul, a tribute to Steve Lee of Gotthard. You can watch the Videos here:

The songs are available in high-quality on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer too.

Actually we have written (me and my guitar player Marcel Bangert) about 12 songs for an album, and we are practically in the production phase. I plan to release the album before summer. Maybe we will release another single to shorten the waiting. Stay tuned.

You know, the main attention is focused on song writing and studio work. Therefore now on the profile site is a little less activity. After the Album’s release, this will change for sure.

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Tell us about Hardrockheart, what is it all about?

HardRockHeart, this is me. My spirit, philosophy and my lifestyle. And if you type Aurora-HardRockHeart, it is easier to find us on youtube etc. too.

Where our readers can find all info about you and all the bands you are involved?

You can find all news/info on my official Facebook pages: Henry Beck   Aurora-HardRockHeart         White Dwarf Official          Just visit us. There will also be an official website soon.

I invite all readers to listen to our music. If you like it, it would be great if you share it. Thank you for that and your support.

Any last word to the readers of

Dear Heiko, a big thanks for the interview and the opportunity to present White Dwarf and Aurora to Bonavox readers. I wish you all a great Hard&Heavy 2016 RockOn. Henry Beck Aurora/White Dwarf