Dear Harold de Vries, how are you doing? Please tell us in which city/town are you living and tell us something about this place..?
Doing great, thnx! I live in Leeuwarden (NL), it’s a great place to live. Lot’s of rock & metalfestivals over here, a big plus!
Can you tell us how and when you started to like hardrock and heavy metal music and when you started Angelic Forces?
When I was very young I got involved with metal music. In my family are a lot of hard music lovers, so I basically grew up with it. Two of my uncles played in rock & metalbands. I just love heavy guitars, pounding rhythm sections and “screaming” vocals. Angelic Forces started at the end of last year when Wilco v/d Meij (bass) asked me to join him in a new heavy metal band. We  played together for years in Methusalem, so we know each other for a long time & I didn’t have to think twice to say “let’s do it!”. He also knew Rudie Kingma (drummer), we were almost complete. Soon Maurice Gijsman (guitar) joined the group & we were ready to rock!
Angelic Forces, what is the meaning behind the bandname?
The name “Angelic Forces” describes lyrically literally what we’re doing, we’re fighting the battle!
I read somewhere that you where in the USA for a while? did you also where involved in the metal music when you where in The States..?
You make me curious where you read that?!.., I have musical friends over there and was asked for some bands/projects, but I never did.
What are some of your own favorite bands?
Too many to mention.., but to name a few: Primal Fear, Steelheart, Gorefest, Maiden, Priest, Ozzy, Stryper, Helloween, Pantera, Darrell Mansfield, RATM, Badlands, Die Happy, Van Halen, Mother’s Finest, Dio, Led Zeppelin, Vengeance Rising, Slash, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Queensrÿche, G N’ R, Sepultura, etc.., etc..
You guys played some time ago at a festival in Belgium, Poperinge and in Holland, RockAlive Festival. Please tell us something about both festivals..? 
Actually we had 3 in a row, our first show was @My King Rocks – Kollumerzwaag (NL), the day after @Rock Alive – Enschede (NL) and a week later @Don’t Walk Dead Fest. – Poperinge (BE). We had a blast on all those festivals, it was an honour to play at the festivals, we had a great time!
Any other live shows planned and where our readers can find all info about the band..?
There are some shows coming, but we don’t have dates/info yet. Info about the band can be found at: / ;
And what about the first Angelic Forces album? please give us an update on this matter..?  
At the moment we are busy writing new stuff for a cd, we hope to release it next year.
Do you have a last word to the readers of
Keep heavy metal alive & we hope to see you all soon! -GBY-


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