Hello Grzegorz Ziolek, how are you doing?

Hi, very good, thanks.

Please tell us something about your hometown?

I living in Tarnów. This is beautiful old town with nice old architecture.

Can you tell us about the Covid19, virus and the situation in your country?

We are slowly getting back to the real life.

Greg, bandleader and guitarist

Please tell us how the band got started?

In the beginning we just wanted to play with each other. But we really quick understood that this was not enough. We needed more, so we started the band AnVision.

The band just released a new album called: “Love & Hate. Please tell us about the  writing process, time in the studio etc..

The process was really comfortable. We have our own recording studio, so we made everything without time pressure.

How did the press and fans receive the new album?

Probably there Will be no concerts because of the virus in the near future. Any idea when you can be on the road again?

Yes! First of all we have to play “Love & Hate” premiere concert. Because of the virus we could not play after the release of the new album. That’s why our management is booking some shows in the fall this year..

Beside playing in a band, do you have Any hobby’s?

Playing in the band is my passion and biggest hobby.

Any dream that you would like to see happen, concerning Anvision?

Wacken and some festivals in Japan.

AnVision, Live

You Guys played the famous; Prog The Castle Festival in Germany. Please tell us how it was and if you Made Any contact with the other bands that where there and the prog fans out there?


Very nice audience and beautiful place. Yes, we have contact with a few fans, and some musicians who played the festival.

You where also supporting Tarja Turunen (ex. Nightwish) during the European Tour. That was probably a highlight for the band Anvision? And a good way to promote the band to a bigger audience?

Yes, absolutely! It was Great opportunity to be a part of this. Great shows and fantastic experience to see a few countries in a short time. Audience was really great!

AnVision, Bandphoto

Do you have a last word to the readers of Bonavox?

Thank you so much for your time, stay healthy and keep away from corona Virus.

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