Death Dealer New Album!

Death Dealer has completed the mixing and mastering for our second album which will be released worldwide in 2015!  Lots of exciting stuff for the DD crew in the works including a return to Europe in July!  Also we will be announcing our new partner/label with whom which we are very excited about, but first a few quotes from the guys about the new cd.  “I think the fans will be stoked on this one.” says singer Sean Peck.  “This one came together really easy and there is a big diversity in the songs once again.  There are some huge epics, some just blaze speed screamers, some mid tempo anthem rockers but no ballad this time ha!  Everyone did a great job and Steve’s interpretation on the drums was so badass the stuff he came up with.  Stu was blazing, Ross blew us away with what he wrote and his performances and Mike just laid it all down like the pro he is.  We have previewed a few of the songs live and in private listening sessions and people instantly freaked, so get ready it is coming soon.”  Release dates and tour dates will be posted as soon as they are confirmed!  HAIL!