After the huge success of LEGIONS OF THE NIGHT’s debut album in the year 2020 during the pandemic, “Sorrow Is The Cure”, and the sophomore release “Hell” in 2022 the Germany based Power Metal group now returns with the third full length release “Darkness”!

The group still exists of Jens Faber (Dawn of Destiny, MalefistuM, ExoS), drummer Philipp Bock (Dawn Of Destiny” and exceptional singer Henning Basse (Metalium, ex- Firewind, Mayan). 

“Darkness” continues exactly where the previous album has stopped – on this new release the typical Power Metal trademarks like huge melodies, powerful riffs and catchy choruses are present all over the released which is topped by an incredible performance of singer Henning Basse! There’s also again a stunning cover of a Savatage classic on this release, i.e. “Tonight He Grins Again”!

“Darkness” once again was mastered by mastermind Dennis Köhne (Orden Ogan, Sodom, Lacuna Coil)!

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