Hello Philip, how are you doing?

Hey Heiko,

Thanks for your message. I’m doing fine. Especially after this succesful Gladbeck Metal Bash Open Air we are hyped and even more motivated to get something going with the new Line Up.

You guys just played the Gladbeck Metal Bash Open Air 2024. Please tell us about your performance and tell us about this German Metalfest?

Playing in Gladbeck is always special for us. It is our hometown and it feels like playing in our living room. We always interact a lot with the crowd at our concerts. So of course it is nice to see some familiar faces in the crowd. We had mosh-, Circle-Pits and Crowdsurfers. The people were amazing. That is the atmosphere we always create at our concerts. 

The GMBOA startet in 2019 when the City of Gladbeck turned 100 Years old. After a succesful first edition the Förderverein Rockmusik Gladbeck decided to go on and it developed into a decent yearly open air. Since it started we are happy to be Part of the Event and at this point we also help out at other parts of the concert

How the band got started in 2010-2011?

Officially the band started back in 2012. In 2009 we met each other for the first time at a Grave Digger concert in Gladbeck. With Fabian (Bass) and me (Vocals,Guitar) two members of the original line up are left. Nico (Drums) and Ivan (lead guitar) joined us in 2023. 

How did you get involved in the metal music/metal scene? where your parents listening to rock music, or via your friends?

Mostly our parents brought us in touch with hard rock and heavy metal. And then it got its own dynamics in our teenage years when we all met each other and attempted a lot of concerts. So this distinctly interest in oldschool metal got stronger and stronger.

What are some of your favorite bands?

Of course a lot of my favourite Bands are the roots of our music. When listening to us it won’t suprise that I’m totally into Darkness, Sodom and Violent Force. On the other Hand I’m a big Fan of Rainbow and the Scorpions. My alltime Dutch Favorite is and will always be Vanderbuyst. I’m really sad that these guys split up. 

A lot of Thrash Metal heads in the Gladbeck, Dortmund, Essen area are fans of the band. But in for instance The Netherlands only few Thrashers know Teutonic Slaughter. Are you trying to get the attention outside the so called “Ruhrpott” to attrackt new fans?

Of course we would love to play more outside the Ruhrpott. Before the whole Covid-Lockdown situation we played some Gigs in Belgium and The Netherlands. In the Covid Situation our former Drummer and our lead-guitarist went some different ways workwise so it was harder to get back on the stage and we were able to play just a short amount of Gigs. Therefore we are thankful that we found a good solution for the band last year. The two left the Original-Line Up as friends and with the addition of Nico and Ivan were are happy to now get full Power back on stage and looking forward for every request from the Netherlands. 

The band released 2 full length albums; Witches Rock ‘n’ Roll (2016) and Puppeteer of Death (2018) please tell us something about these 2 albums that  where also released on Vinyl. How the albums where received by Press and Fans. And where our readers can buy the albums?

Both of our records where released by For those who chose to Pose Records and got some good critics by the press. With “Witches Rock ‘n’ Roll” as our first full length we marked a standpoint where we recorded all our old Material from the start of the band. Here we have some really “straight in you face” fast thrash tunes on it. With “Puppeteer of Death” it was the first time where we really made a Songwriting process and not just genereticly wrote everything just in the rehearsal room without a plan or a concept. The Songs began to get a little more complex without losing its rough oldschool thrash touch. Both longplayers where recorded and produced by former Darkness Guitarist Meik Heitkamp. So it’s definitly some pieces of authentic Ruhrpott Thrash. At this point we finalized all the new Material for our third Record. In July/August we will be back in the Studio. Everyone who is interested in the first two records, our ten years compilation and Shirts or Patches is of course welcome to visit our bandcamp Shop. 

Then in 2017 the band released together with the Thrash Masters from The “Ruhrpott’ Darkness a split single. How this idea came together and why release this as a single?

Since 2014 when we released our first Demo “United in Hate” we are in close contact to Darkness and we are happy to call them friends of ours. We played several Gigs together and Meik recorded our first album. When Jörg from For those who chose to Pose Records asked us if we where interested in doing the split we immediately said yes. It is a great little record and the Artwork of Timon Kokott on it is super sick!

In 2022 the Decade of Terror saw the light of day. A compilation of the best songs from the band so far. Please tell us about this album?

With Decade of Terror we wanted to celebrate 10 years of Teutonic Slaughter and bring our old Songs into new shape. Also we revamped the band-logo a bit and this record marked the start of a new chapter for Teutonic Slaughter. Here we wanted to bring some of our alltime favourites and also some never recorded stuff to a longplayer. It’s a good record to get in touch with or Material and our history. 

What about a new full length album?

Like I said the Studio is booked in July/August to record Album Nummer three. We will take our time to bring the best results. A lot of the “newer” Material now is 6 years old and because of the whole Covid- and Line Up Change-Situation there was never time to properly work with these Songs. With the new guys on Board we had the chance to go through everything pretty intense and wrote some “real” new stuff on the way through it. So here we will have a great mixture of our Material through the last years…always straight forward and no compromise!

Are there more concerts/festivals where Teutonic Slaughter will play live?

This year there are not so many live Performances planned with focusing on recordings for Album Number three. At this point there are two concerts left. 14.09.24 in Schwerin and 28.09.24 in Gladbeck. But we always looking forward to add some new dates

Do you have a last word to our readers?

Thank you for having us in your magazine. It’s always a pleasure to get in touch with some Dutch metal heads and we can’t wait to return.