This band started in 1992. They released about 7 albums. They just released a new album: Overyears Sensation. If you like a combination between: Deep Purple, Saga, Uriah Heep or Doro then this band could be for you! 
It's about time to get to know more about this great German band!


Hello guys, how are you doing?
Fine, thank you!
We've just played the hottest show we've ever been playing, on the hottest day
of the year in Germany. Good to know we still can do it:-) 

Can you tell us something about the new album
We've tried to make it more intense than
anything we've done before, the beats rougher, the melodies sweeter, the lyrics
truer. Very much based on our own story, with all those years in the business
without real success, but more than ever doing our own thing. The album tells
very much about us!

How was the album received by press and fans
If it sold as good as the critics are, we'd be millionaires by now:-) The press is
very very positive, and the fans love us anyway. Our small, but wonderful
fan-base is something we can always rely on. They keep us going...  
however, we need to get on the road to make more of the good critics. Some weeks ago, an
Interviewer said we're like some sort of a "ghost band", coming up with great
albums and then vanishing again. A nice picture, and somehow true, although we
never stopped working. This time we want to see If we can reach more and
different people with our music. So be there when we come to you! 


What is the story behind the title of the album, "Overyears Sensation"
It's about being there for years and years and years, and slowly but surely people realise it's not so
bad what we are doing. The opposite of the "Overnight Sensation" that we are definitely not.

Why did it take so long to make the new album since "Bare" in 2007 
There was so much life to live in between, there were marriages, children, divorces, work 
(as the music still doesn't feed us), and the older you get, the faster time flies :-) 

What happened with the band in these about 8 years
You might not believe it, but the Band was always there:-) Apart from
living our lives getting older and wiser, we were writing Songs for the album.
The good thing when you're doing it on your own without any financial support is
that you can do it just exactly the way you want to do it, giving it time until
the whole band is completely happy with it. The bad thing is that no-one tells
you to finish, so it can take a little bit longer in the end:-) 
Oh, and of course we've been on the road too, touring with TESLA for example. We can hardly
believe it's been really 8 years... we guess the next album might come a little
bit faster:-) 

Any live concerts, festivals you play at the moment
We've just played shows in Lübeck and Hamburg, have supported Michael Schenker's
Temple of Rock in South Germany and are going on stage again in August after
some weeks of vacation.


Did the band ever play in the Netherlands
Oh yes, we've had some unforgettable Shows in the Netherlands when we were on tour with
SAGA some years (or should we say decades?) ago. I remember Groningen and
Arnheim where we played in a wonderful club called "Luxor". Like a little
theater, very romantic but with a very small stage, at least when the SAGA stuff
was on it. We could hardly move, but the audience was enthusiastic. And, by the
way, Gino, our singer has some wonderful girls with Dutch blood in his family:-)
Hope to see you soon! 

How is the hardrock/heavy metal scene in a big city like Hamburg
We're not so sure because we are not sooo much hanging around
in the scene, we prefer to do our own thing. But of course there are some great
clubs where we can meet our Metal friends, musicians and fans. For example, we
love the Rock Café St. Pauli where we were celebrating our record deal and the
release of our new album. 

Any plans for the future
Always:-) As written above, we're on stage again from August on, playing an unplugged open
air show on Aug 29 which will be very interesting. Apart from this and from
further solo shows there will be some festival appearances, and in these minutes
we're working on a support tour in the end of the year. We can probably tell you
more about it in the next Interview:-) And, of course, writing the next album so
you won't have to wait for another 8 years! 

Do you guys have a Last words for the readers of Bonavox magazine
Yes, of course: listen to the album and get in touch with
us because we love talking and chatting with our fans. Visit our homepage with
our little shop on, find us on Facebook (chalicegermany) and
never stop rockin'! 

Thank you very much for giving us the chance to
introduce our band to your readers! 


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