Mad Max is a German heavy metal band started in 1982. A lot of ‘metalheads’ from The Netherlands know this band from the legendary show at the Dynamo Open Air in the 80’s when they played this famous festival with: Stryper, Testament, Destruction etc.. Now after all these years it’s time for a best of album. We had a chance to interview Michael Voss long time bandleader from Mad Max. Thanx to Mirko Marten (SPV).


How you guys are doing? thx…great…we are excited to present our new album to the fans worldwide!

How is it to be a heavy metal band from Munster? Is there any kind of hardrock/heavy metal scene in this really old city, laying only about 50 km from the Border Germany/the Netherlands. When we started the band in 1982 we were definitely the only band playing heavy metal music in our hometown! in fact we where basically one of the first bands in Muenster that had a vinyl record out. That gained us a lot of respect and we got the chance to play a lot of live shows on festivals and clubs.

Can you tell us something about the new album: “Thunder, Storm and Passion”. It’s not a real new album, Please tell us about it?

As you can guess from the album title the album is kind of a BEST OF album from our classic 80s releases ROLLING THUNDER, STORMCHILD and NIGHT OF PASSION. we had to re-record the songs because we don’t own the rights of the original recordings. actually this is our very first BEST OF album ever and on the upcoming live shows we will play the entire album for our fans.  

There will be a special fan edition box from Thunder, Storm and Passion. I saw the box on the internet and I was impressed, it’s a really nice package. Nice work from SPV/Steamhammer, please tell us something about it?

The special edition on which SPV did a fantastic job features the best of album and a live album recorded at the BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL show from 2014!

mad max2

Are you playing any live shows after this release, maybe a best of evening with Mad Max?

We are planning shows in BRAZIL and JAPAN but we are also trying to bring the BEST OF show to Europe.

What about a ‘real’ new album, anything planned yet?

No … to be honest for 2015 and 2016 we will concentrate on the BEST OF album… we know that our fans worldwide love to hear the classic stuff from the 80’s

Mad Max is already busy in the heavy metal scene since the eighties. Can you tell us a nice story, funny or something worth mentioning to our readers?

Sure there were a lot of funny things during all the tours…but hey…top secret…haha…you know that saying: what happens on tour stays on tour!!!!!!!!!!

A lot of ‘older’ metal heads in Holland know Mad Max from the legendary Dynamo Open air festival, 1987. You where playing there with; Stryper, Testament, Destruction etc. Do you still remember this festival and can you tell us still after all these years something about it?

This legendary festival was definitely a highlight for MAD MAX…a lot of fans remember this show …very sad that we don’t have any live foortage from the festival…maybe one of your readers has some photos …we would be more than happy about that!

The band is Anno 2015 still excisting. What happened with the band between 1986 after the release of Night of Passion and 1999 with the release of Never Say Never?

After NIGHT OF PASSION I left the band to form CASANOVA and our guitar player Juergen formed his own band TANNER with german lyrics. then in 1999 we started writing new songs….first with different musicians on bass and drums…but then we recognized that record company and fans wanted the original MAD MAX back. that was basically the birth of MAD MAX mark two…haha!

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Anything still on your heart, something you dream about, that should happen concerning Mad Max?

We are more than happy that we still can make records and play all around the world. MAD MAX has always been a live band and that’s what makes us strong…we go out and rock for the fans!

What is important for Mad Max. Is it to just playing heavy metal, just the fun to play music or is there more behind the music and lives of the bandmembers of Mad Max? How you are looking to your fans for instance and how important are the lyrics for the band?

We are proud of our legacy from the 80’s but we are still proud of the christian albums we did and that we always tried to create new music as well. as long as we can travel the world with our music and please old and new fans we will keep MAD MAX going. we just had the great honor to play the famous SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL for the first time with the likes of MÖTLEY CRUE, JUDAS PRIEST and DEF LEPPARD…hey…nothin’ to complain about…haha!

Any last word to the readers of Bonavox magazine?

Thanks to all your readers for supporting MAD MAX all these years…have fun with our BEST OF album!

Mad Max original Wait for the night, from their 1987 album Night of Passion: