Hailing from Northumberland, England. Guardian is an upcoming 4 piece metal band, specializing in incorporating multiple influences within their song writing. From harmonized guitar melodies, fast ferocious blast sections, hard-hitting breakdown sections, imaginative guitar solos and relentless riffs throughout and the odd catchy chorus. Guardian brings it all to the table.

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Since the release of their debut EP “Tyrants”, Guardian has been hard at work writing a full-length album titled “Revolution” scheduled to be released on the 4th January 2016. This new album incorporates a wider spectrum of heavier music than their previous record did and this upcoming record is bound to give listeners on all sides of the metal community something refreshing for their ears.

The lyrical content of the bands songs is similar to their instrumental work, vast amounts of influences incorporating anti-political ideology, controversial subjects as well as touching on some real home hitting realizations that a lot of people can really relate too. Although often referred too as “Metalcore”, as a band Guardian don’t tie themselves down with a specific genre, they’re a metal band and when you listen to them, you can see why they don’t tie themselves down to anything. They enjoy a broad stroke of metal; they’re just concerned with making heavy music that speaks to people for all emotive states.

The new album “Revolution” focuses on the concept of change and how it’s inevitable to keep things in balance where nature is concerned, nature created man yet all we seem to do as human beings is exploit the planet for its unsustainable, finite resources, destroying the Earth every day. The artwork represents this in a lot of ways, a human fist stemming from nature, with the planet that created us gripped firmly in its hand, ultimately killing the thing that created us.

Lyrically it speaks a lot about issues and ideologies that aren’t often discussed enough or even acknowledged in modern day society, and especially by the media. However, it also intertwines with some personal feelings and expressiveness regarding changes that we’ve faced as a band and individuals on different levels and aspects tying in with the concept of the album title “Revolution” which means a “dramatic and wide-reaching change in conditions, attitudes, or operation” or a needed “Political change”.

The band self recorded, mixed and mastered their very first EP “Tyrants” and released it in May 2014 and also followed the same method with their next release “Revolution”. With a completely revitalised and new approach giving the common listener something to look out for, Guardian have structured their songs in a way that keeps the listener on a knife edge, waiting for what’s coming next and being completely thrown off balance. If you like hearing things that make your hair stand on end, than this band is for you.

Over the course of the years to come, the band intends to spread their music as far and wide as possible. With all members of the band being fully committed to touring and giving it 100% whether it is on their doorstep in the UK or anywhere worldwide. The possibilities for this band could be endless.

Be sure to give these northern lads a listen, they’re going to be a band too look out for.