Slechtvalk have announced that their first new album in six years, “Where Wandering Shadows and Mists Collide”, will be out mid 2016, and have shared a preview of the tracks. This is how they described the sound of the record in a newsletter to their fans:

The album mastering is finally done and big hurrays to Lasse for his work and patience. However we still await Raymond Swanlands final artwork before our guy can start on the rest of the albums artwork. When the cover artwork is done we’ll give you a teaser of the new album 🙂

In January we will do a photoshoot with the band and will work again with Awik (who also took the amazing bandphotos for “A Forlorn Throne”). It proved to be a difficult task to agree on a date for a photoshoot in this time of year, so we apologize for this delay we caused.

When the photos are done, we were thinking about lobbying around for a record label, because they could mean alot for promotion/physical distribution and help with touring. We know that lobbying around would mean further delay to the album’s release, but we think it would be more beneficial to the band’s future if we do.

It means that at this moment we aren’t sure about when exactly the album will be released, we’ve worked hard on it so far and it’ll be a shame to do a rush job on the final stages.

What we can share right now is the album title: Where Wandering Shadows and Mists Collide


Below you can hear a teaser of the awesomeness we’re going to release this year. Be sure to set the quality on 1080p 😉

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