Hello Glenn, how are you doing?

GR: I’m doing well for an aging rocker.

Please tell us something about the city where you are living?

GR: I’m from Stanton California about 35 miles South of Los Angeles. But you couldn’t tell because Southern Cal. is all connected by concrete and buildings.

When did you start playing the guitar also when did you get in contact with hardrock and heavy metal music?

GR: I got my first guitar around age 12. There were a couple local bands that were a few houses down from where I lived. I’d hear them rehearse when I was playing in the street. That was my first experience with live music. One of the members of the band was Lonnie Vincent who played in the Bullet Boys. They were just 2 houses away from my house.

You where also doing the vocals with the legendary Speed/Thrash metal band Deliverance in the early 80’s? i did not know that you have a ‘metal’ voice in you…?

GR: I only sang back up in Deliverance. I can sing but I prefer not to. I did sing lead on the song Greetings Of Death on the Deliverance tribute cd called Temporary Insanity. It was with Daniel Cordova and Roy Z in a made up band for the cd called Lambs Among Wolves.


Please tell us about the 80’s and the Metal scene in the LA area? Was there any contact between the bands or was it that every band was busy with itself on his/her own island..?

GR: The 80’s in LA was a great time because music was alive and had on competition with cell phones and internet. You had to go out for entertainment and that’s where you would meet people and see bands. After parties were the thing. Hung out with all sorts of musicians. One time I was hanging out at a party and met up with Pete Blakk from King Diamonds band. We ended up at Candlemass’s hotel who we’re in town on tour. Stayed up all night. I don’t think Pete would remember.

Where you also a part or being involved in the Heavy Metal Church Sanctuary Church, Redondo Beach?

GR: When I became a Christian I attended Sanctuary South Bay. I was not involved with the Church business. I just attended services. I time I was talked into singing lead during church service by the guy’s in who were later the members of Vengeance Rising. I had no idea of what I was doing, but it was fun.

Pastor Bob Beeman, 80’s

Do you know the legendary Heavy Metal Pastor, from Sanctuary Bob Beeman personally?

GR: Yes I know Bob, He came to see me and the band I was putting together. I wanted to start a Christian Thrash band. This was before Vengeance Rising. That’s where I had the songs that ended up on the Human Sacrifice album. The drummer Steve Bertrum  and I met with Doug Theme, Roger Martin, and Bob to start a Christian Thrash band. That was the first lineup of the band that would become Vengeance. I did sing lead vocal for that group. That’s where Doug and Roger learned the songs that ended up on their record.

Master on the Guitar…

You where involved in a lot of bands from LA area, Please tell us how you got in contact with the guys from Heretic..

GR: Heretic and I go back to the beginning of when I started playing guitar. The founding guitarist Brian Korban was my best friend from school. We would spend our time dreaming of being Rock Stars. I would  spend the weekends at his house playing guitar all weekend long. We had a band called Parish with some other friends. Because of where I lived I had to go to a different high school. So we ended up in different bands. I was in a band called Blind Decree and he started Heretic. All of us in both bands lived just a few miles apart, so we all knew each other, and went to the same parties and shows.

You where a Heretic member between, 2011/2016 why you left the band?

GR: The singer and I didn’t see eye to eye and I had an injury to my hand that kept me from playing. I spent over a year in therapy trying to recover. So I felt it was best to step away so they could keep going.

How is your hand doing now?

Wrist and hand. I tore the cardlidge. It’s not 100% healed. Nor will it ever be. But I work around it…

You where also involved in other great Speed/thrash bands in the 80’s. Deliverance and Vengeance Rising. How did you guys found each other in the LA area?                                                                         

GR: I was never officially in Vengeance Rising. I was in a band with the guys that formed into VR. That was the group that Bob Beeman met with. So it was myself  Doug Theme, Roger Martin, and drummer Steve Bertrum in that band with no name. That is where I showed Doug and Roger the songs that ended up on the VR record. Deliverance came about because I worked with Deliverance drummer Chris Hyde. We were house painters and he would always ask me to come and jam with them. On day they needed a guitar player to fill in for a show. I went for it and after only one rehearsal I was on stage with Deliverance. Then a few weeks later I was in the studio recording the demo Greeting Of Death.

Did you where a ‘close’ friend with Roger Martinez, this amazing vocalist from Vengeance Rising?

GR: I met Roger a few times, but no I didn’t really know him at all. The thing is VR more or less took my songs. I never knew they were recording them until after they showed up with a demo with my music on it.

That’s the truth of how my music got on their record.


Did you guys had contact with one of the best Thrash metal bands on the planet; Dark Angel. I read somewhere that they where one of the biggest Vengeance Rising fans..?

GR: No  they were not fans of VR, but they were friends of mine. Mike Gonzales their bassist, and guitarist Brett Erikson ex Viking/ Dark Angel both played in Blind Decree with me. I left Blind Decree to start up with Doug and Roger. That’s how it happened.

You also probably worked with one of the ‘masters’ of the metal scene; Mister Bill Metoyer? 

GR: Yes I met Bill at a Dark Angel, Viking show at Fenders Ballroom in Long Beach Ca. That’s where I asked him if he would be interested in producing Deliverance. He agreed and that’s how we got him to produce out first cd.

What happened when you guys wanted to record the first Deliverance demo? you guys had a problem to find a studio in a big city like LA?

GR: All that was before my time with the band. They tried and had bad luck with a studio. Jimmy can give you the story.

1985 Speed/Thrash legendary demo

Please tell us about the writing process, time in the studio when you guys recorded; the legendary demo; Greetings of Death?

GR: That was a long night. We recorded on an 8 track studio somewhere in Southern California. I don’t think anyone remembers where. The studio engineer worked with country bands. I think we were the only Metal band he ever worked with. We played live and overdubbed the solos and vocals. I really don’t remember much more.

Is it true that there are more then 5000 demo’s sold of Greetings of Death, released 1985?

GR: Yes I think that’s right. We sold out every time we played. I don’t know the exact number sold but it was a lot.

Deliverance, 1985

Tell us about the re-production of the demo and the deal with the cassette tape producer or shop somewhere in LA/California..?

GR:  Jimmy and Helen his wife would spend hours dubbing cassette tapes. It was all done tape to tape on one or two machines. Not massed produced. They did it themselves from what I remember.

Glenn and Hirax Guys

Did you also play the legendary Metal Mardi Grass Festival?

GR: I did play the Metal Mardi Grass Festival in 1987 with the band H.E.R.O. with original Holly Soldier singer Robbie Brauns. We were also on the California Metal Album. That was that band I played with between the no name version of Vengeance Rising and Deliverance.

What are some of your favorite bands/albums when you started in the metal scene in the 80’s and now anno 2019..?

GR: I am a big Beatle fan. I love everything they ever did. Iron Maiden is my favorite Metal band, and Wolf is a great band as well.

You where also a member of Steel Vengeance? please tell us something about this time in your career?

GR: I joined Steel vengeance after I split with Deliverance. Funny thing is I met Michael Wickstrom at Sanctuary in Redondo Beach. He came to California to put together a new line up. So my ex HERO band mate Robbie Bruans was singing on The Never Letin Go album and got me to join up. From there I got the bassist Cesar Ceregatti and drummer John Draper to join as well. That’s how the LA Steel Vengeance came together. At our best we did a few dates with Savatage. Fun band but we could never get it going. That’s when I left music for a few years.

Glenn and Katon, Hirax…

You where also a long time member of the legandary Thrash band from LA Hirax, with legendary metalhead, Katon! that was probably one of the most remarkable time’s in your career in the metal scene…?

GR: Yes Hirax was a crazy time. Katon and I were a great team but we didn’t always see eye to eye. I think if we were a bit more honest with each other I’d probably still be there. Still love those guy’s and wish them well.

With Hirax you toured the world, please tell us how it was to play for all these metal fans around the globe…?

GR: We played small clubs and big festivals. Sometimes with great equipment and sometimes with no equipment. I can say this “There is no one who works harder than Katon W Depena. “ The fans made us. If not for them we would not  go anywhere. Every country we played in had something special. The Love for Metal!

Hirax Live

Can you tell us a anecdote, something special, something remarkable happened in your career, that you want to share with us?

GR: Probably when I befriended the Boogieman and Blues Master John Lee Hooker. I met him in the mid 90’s and kinda lived in one of his homes for a year. He was a great person and gave me good life advise.

One time he was awarded a Life Time Achievement Award at BB Kings club in Hollywood. I got to attend and sit at his table. I actually bumped in to Bonnie Raitt going down the stairs. She was very nice. I could write a book about that time in my life. All the people who came and went from the house.

Primal, Live

What is your profession, beside playing the guitar?

GR: I have worked in the information technology business for over 20 years. That’s how I pay the bills. Music is nice but you can’t earn a living at it. Unless your in Iron Maiden.

Do you have any hobbies beside playing guitar?

GR: I’m a Nerd. I like Scifi and attend comic cons and collect Disney pins. I also go ice skating with my family.

Anytime still left to be a father/family member?

GR: Being a dad is a full time job on top of everything. I have a daughter who doesn’t like metal. She makes fun of me.

Are you also a sports fan..? what about; Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Galaxy, The Lakers or the Dodgers…?

GR: I love Hockey. LA Kings are my team. I also like baseball LA Angels and LA Lakers are my favorite basketball team.

Some years ago the band PRIMAL saw the light of day….Please tell us about this project..how this came into being?

GR: Primal was started by ex Hirax drummer Jorge Iacobellis and ex V8 / Logos singer Alberto “Beto” Zamarbide. I was the last to join. Jorge wanted me as a song writer and second guitarist for the band. I was still recovering from my wrist injury but I wanted to give it a try.

Primal, 2019

The first album was released in 2015/2016 please tell us about the writing process, time in the studio and how the album was received by press and fans?

GR: The way we did it was each song writer would bring a song to the band and we would work it until we felt it was good. Then we cut a demo and sent it to Beto who lives in Miami. There he would work from the demo and come up with lyrics. Some songs I wrote lyrics for as well. For me I would grab some songs I had  written in the past and re work them for the band. For the most part the press who did get a copy seem to like it. But we just had a small deal so there was only a limited release.

First album, Primal 2016

Please tell us about the vocalist; Alberto Zamarbide, he is a rockstar in South America and a legendary member of the band V8 and Logos. Tell us his story and how did you meet him and how you could attract him to be a Primal Member?

GR: Beto was a friend to Jorge for over 30 years. When Jorge left Hirax he wanted to work with Beto and that’s how it started. So when I joined they had the band in place. I was the last piece.

Tell uas something about the other Primal members?

GR: Well, our bassist has some history in Metal. Sandy Vasquez was in the Metal Blade band Blood Lust. Fun fact he auditioned for Metallica when Cliff passed away. Jason beat him out. He also spent time with ex Anthrax singer Neil Turban. Today Sandy splits time with us and the band Ruthless. Our new guitarist Burke Morris was someone I had met when he was in the band Resistance who are on No Remorse Records. He recorded and Ep and Full length cd for them. I met him when I was in Heretic. They opened for us and I was impressed with his playing. So when I came back to Primal we needed to replace the guitarist from the cd. I asked Burke and here he is.

You guys play live shows?

GR: We have played 2 tours of South America and select shows in the U. S. We will be looking to book some tours when the new CD is out.

What about Europe…?

GR: Yes we would love to come to Europe and play. We just need a booking agent and record label so we can get our music to the fans.

Any news about a new album?

GR: We are working on demos. I have enough material for a new record but we are working through them. We do have a title but I can’t say it right now. It will be heavier then the first record but still have good hooks.

Do you have any last word, or something that’s on your heart you want to share with us..?

GR: I want to say thanks to the fans and hope we can reach some new one’s. If you like the work I did with bands like Hirax, Heretic, Deliverance