Hello Peavy Wagner, please tell us about the new album: ‘Wings of Rage’?

P: we started with the first ideas already by the end of 2017, the studio worx began by May 2018. We took a lot more time to arrange the songs, most were re-done for several times until we found the results we were looking for. As we have our own Studio and with Marcos a very talented sound engineer and mixer, we were in a very comfortable situation, we just worked with an open end, no need to hurry .

What is the story behind the album, Lyrically?

P: Its not a concept album with a specific story but theres a red line that goes through many of the songs: I always liked to write about outsiders, people that fell out of society, that have no lobby or voice. This I tried to give them in the song lyrics…

Marcos Rodriguez, Peavy Wagner, Vassilios Maniatopoulos

In October, 2019 you Guys released the single: ‘Let them rest in Peace’. Please tell us how the video clip came Into being. It was shot in a closed down paper factory…?

P: Yes, a very spooky place! Our Video editor Jörg Tochtenhagen knows the area since long and as we told him about our ideas he came up with that. We like the atmosphere that he creates in the pictures…

I really like the front-cover of the new album. Who came up with the idea and who finally assambled/designed the artwork/cover ?

P: Yes, we´re all very happy with the artwork. It was made by the french designer Stan W. Decker. Marcos came with the idea to work with him, so we told him our ideas and as he likes Rage since long and always wanted to do a cover for us, he immediately developed the cover design!

Peavy Wagner

The album Will be released in January 2020. Will there be a European/World Tour coming up?

P: Yes, we plan touring activities for the next two years. The first leg here in Europe starts in February. We will appear again in all parts of the world in the following months..

When was the last time you Guys played in The Netherlands?

P: Actually a while ago, I have to admit. For next year we will appear in Holland in October, we will announce it as soon all is confirmed…

What are Some of your own favorite bands/artists?

P: I like a lot of Music : Besides of Rock and Metal stuff also classical composers. (Rush, Beatles,Megadeth,Opeth, Bach, Rachmaninov plus,plus,plus…)

Do you have a last word or something that’s on your Heart you want to share with us?

P: Let me thank all the true fans everywhere for their long time support. I hope to meet you in the concerts! All the best!