Hello Joe, how are you doing?

Hello, I am doing well and keeping busy with Heavy Metal.

Please tell us something about your hometown?

I live in the heart of the steel industry so a lot of steel mills and heavy metal all around.

How is the Metal scène in your area?

You know honestly we are blessed here with Chicago being so close and Wisconsin, Michigan and Indianapolis we are in a good location for Metal in the US.

Joe Lawson

Please tell us how the band got started?

Well, we originally put the first lineup together of Dragonlore back in 2001. All members went there separate ways and finally guitarist Bernard Stinski and myself decided to resurrect it and complete an album of material together which brings us to the current release we have now available on Iron Shield and Pure Steel Records.

Please tell us about the album; ‘Lucifer Descent’. Writing Process and time in the studio etc..?

Much of it is a Faith based record lyrically and we are proud of that fact. Musically we are influenced by many of the greats like:Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dio, Metal Church, Queensryche, King Diamond, etc… As for the writing process only 3 of the songs on Lucifer’s Descent were new, the rest we originally wrote back in 2001. Bernard and myself spent about a year recording, writing the new songs, mixing, mastering and getting artwork together for it.

How did the press and fans receive the new album that saw the light of day, 17 January 2020

 You know its been a mix of good and bad with the press, but I’ve always said its not the press that is buying the records, merchandise and coming out to the shows supporting the bands. It always has been and always will be about the True Heavy Metal fans and what they want and love. They are the reason we keep going.

What about the lyrics? Do you have a message to the listener?

Each song has its own unique meaning and subject matter so hopefully the listeners will dive into that and let our music into their hearts.

When I listen to the album; My thoughts are- Tyrant, Warlord, Manowar, King Diamond/Merciful Fate…? What are your thoughts about it?

 Thank-you first off for the kind comparisons. Yes like I said are influences are all the old great Metal Masters, even Deep Purple, Rainbow, etc….

What are Some of your own favorite bands/Artist?

Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dio, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Metal Church, Queensryche, Helstar, Fates Warning, Jag Panzer, Helloween, Primal Fear, Manowar, Testament, Overkill, Death Angel to name a few.

Are you going to Tour with the band?

Regionally around our area we are, what that comes down to is simply money. As a newer band we aren’t getting the financial support we would need to be able to tour on a larger scale sadly. Hopefully eventually we will be able to come play some festivals in Europe.

Who was responsible for the cover-artwork?

Drake Mefestta

Do you have a last word, or something that’s on your Heart you want to share with us?

 Keep supporting the bands you love by buying their cds, vinyl, merchandise and going to the shows without the fans support we are all nothing. Thank-you for the great interview!