I have to say that I did not hear about you and the rest of Rivera/Bomma for some time and about 1 or 2 months ago I found out that you are a part of DeadRisen Band together with Mike Le Pond. Is Rivera/Bomma still excisting? Any news about the band? Rivera Bomma is still and always will be. At the moment RB is taking a break so I can concentrate on DeadRisen.  Johnny and I have plans to do another album. 

Please tell us about how DeadRisen got started? Mike LePond and I have been writing new music for a few years . Originally the idea was to use some of the DeadRisen songs for a new Rivera Bomma album. Johnny Bomma wanted to take a break from the music biz, Mike and I continued to write new music  with Dan Prestup and Tony Stahl also members of Rivera Bomma band.  In 2015 Rivera Bomma got invited to do a festival in Mexico with Will Shaw taking over vocal duties for Johnny Bomma, you can say that was the birth of DeadRisen. When we can back to the US we are decided that we had to record new music and asked Will Shaw to joined ( DeadRisen). 

album cover

The album from DeadRisen is going to see the light of day on 03-13-2020 via German record label AFM Records. Please tell us about the writing process, time in the studio etc..? Writing the album was great! The chemistry that Mike LePond and I have is great. DeadRisen is really a family we all love and respect each other. You can hear that come through in the music. We recorded the album in a couple different studios. Michael Romeo Symphony X guitarist recorded all the vocals in his studio, He also composed the album intro. Guitars and Bass where recorded at “LCBW” studios by C.J.  Drums , Mixing and Master where done at trax east studios engineer by the great Eric Rachael ( symphony x, skidrow,  hatebreed , Rivera Bomma ).

Mike Lepond and Rod Rivera

Are you Guys going on Tour or playing live shows after the release? We are hoping to Tour. DeadRisen is all about playing live. Any festivals or promoters contact our management we would love to perform anywhere in the world! 

Please tell us what the album is all about lyrically i mean? All the lyrics where written by Will Shaw, except ” The Maker” lyrics by John Bomma . Lyrics are about the world, fight of good & evil. keeping everything positive tho. The world needs more love, too much hate out there !! 

Who was responsible for the Frontcover of the album? The awesome cover art and album insert was created by “Drake Mefestta Designs”. He completely rocked it, he did a superb job, we love it ! 

Will the new album also be released on Vinyl? We would love to see it on vinyl , We get asked a lot by fans. Is basically up to AFM records. 

What are Some of your favorite bands/artists? Rainbow, Ritchie Blackmore, Michael Schenker , Dio, Whitecross, Testament, Loudness, Strunz & Farah, Paco De Lucia , Foreigner , Heart to name a few …. 

Do you have a last word, or something thats on your Heart you want to share with us? I want to thank everyone that has been supporting our bands over the years. We are so blessed by God to do what we do.  Please continue to support us and tell the world about DeadRisen ! follow the band at www.facebook.com/deadrisenband/ Thank you Heiko for your support throughout the years. – Always Rock & Roll and God Bless – Rod 

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