How are you doing Mister Geoff Thorpe?

Rock n Roll my friend!! I’m doing well thank you!! I’m excited to see ” Celebration Decay ” come out now ! We came together on this album like a machine after doing 108 show’s. Iam thankful We established a strong band chemistry before recording this album.  I think you can hear and feel it. I can’t wait to take the show on the road again!

It’s for you and the rest of the metal scene a disaster year, because of the corona virus…How did you spend last few months with your family and what are your thoughts about the whole situation?

It’s been a real challenge just to know what information is accurate… we were on tour in March when the curtain fell. It all happened so fast. We thought we could do a few weeks  but it all fell apart after 2 shows. It’s a hard time for so many… devastating for the artist and musicians . The whole industry really. We’re thankful SPV still wanted to release the album! I try to stay busy and healthy.  My thoughts are without cooperation humanity could be in trouble.  Let’s face it ! Human history is not really a story about people coming together … we live in a dark world that gets darker . So be safe and have a great time whenever possible. 

And in the middle of covid19 you guys where in the studio recording new songs for the new album: “Celebration Decay”, that will be released on 21 August 2020 via Steamhammer/SPV. Please tell us about the writing process, time in the studio etc..?

We started recording Dec 10Th 2019 and finished Feb 26Th 2020 The Pandemic wasn’t called a Pandemic yet… it was something happening far away we we’re focused on the album at hand … never thought it would be this bad in my lifetime. The songs,  title and lyrics were about the Decay of Humanity not the Pandemic… however it did make the impact of the album even heavier and timely.  As for the song process, over the last 2 years I recorded parts and riffs, songs intros ect.. I had about 120 to pick from… Gunnar Dügrey and I worked on a lot of my songs together. He also contributed 2 songs I completed with Lyrics… Nick and I also co wrote 3 songs… it all started with Larry and I laying down a foundation… the guys live out of state. We had them fly in 1 at a time to really focus on each of them! Greg Christian formerly of Testament played bass on the album.  A long time friend it was great to have him. Juan Urteaga our long time Producer suggested him.. Over all it was a smooth session we worked at a intense level and had fun. I’m so happy with the final result. The guys did a great job! Juan and I have a real chemistry as a producing team. I’m as proud of ” Celebration Decay ” as any of our classic albums!!

Who was responsible for the layout/cover of the new album?

I could tell you but then I have to kill you?  Do you work for the FBI or any law enforcement agencies before I answer that?Oh what the hell… Lol,  I’ve been working with Stripe at for over 10 years now. He’s based out of the Frankfurt area. Always hits the art and layout out of the ball park ! Does a lot of our killer album and tour shirts! He is part of my A team that includes: SPV – label, Juan and Trident studios- major recording, Stripe- Artwork/ Layout – Larry Howe on the drums. Chris Stabach- this is the 10 year plus A Team !!

Please tell us about the lyrics on the new album…”Celebration Decay” doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to me..?

We wanted the lyrics to be as powerful as the music ! VR has many sides to our metal . That variety of speed, mid tempo crushers, balladish dark,  power and trash tends to bring out a darker lyric in me. Party Rock is fun but never been my thing! This is about getting your agression and frustration out !! This is about driving fast in life and your car!! Its still a lot of fun in my twisted brutal/ melodic sound storm that is Vicious Rumors!

When this virus will be over or at least the bands could visit Europe again; then I think VC will be one of the first bands in line to hit the European Roads again..?

Well, we do love our Europe !!! We love the friends and fans there who have supported us!! All the new fans that we see and meet. It’s been a honor and a pleasure to be on tour . European fans are always a highlight for us!! Yeah… that’s a pretty safe bet  !!!

You guys are standing strong in the scene for several decades. what is the reason that you are standing strong and have the guts to just deliver us each time with a decent heavy metal record to the metal fans around the globe?

Thanks so much !! We all love what we do!! Everyone in this band has dedicated there life to art and music out of passion . Plus we’re all big fans!! We love the adventure.  We’ve set a very high bench mark for ourselves with each album. As long as I can still deliver on this high level I’ll never stop!! The only bad show you play is the one you don’t do !!! 

Do you have a last word to the readers of Bonavox The Netherlands?

Thanks so so many great friends and fans for all your support for “Celebration Decay”  As well as over the years ! Now these crazy times!! Now let’s hope the world will heal and we can all get back to a good old ass kicking  good times full of some live Heavy metal !! Damn I’m spoiled from 40 incredible years! I want it back!!! Wish you all the best of health! Metal on! 
Geoff ThorpeVicious Rumors 

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