For the music fans who are not familiar with this project…..

VEITH RICARDO PROJECT is a progressive rock/metal band that started in 2005 based in the United States. This is their debut album released on February 26th, 2021 entitled “Storm Warning”. The opener “Running Away” is filled with some rather quick guitar solos, and with the added vocal talents of Juan Ricardo, I find this sounds like a heavier version of MARILLION. The song does not go in one single direction, as there are multiple tempo changes and variations. The song also seems to employ a storytelling approach in the lyrics. There are parts that have a bit of FATES WARNING mixed with THE FLOWER KINGS. The song is very keyboard-oriented, cementing its progressive nature.


What happened in 2005 when the demo was left incomplete?

Juan: Vincent and I met when Dark Arena was forming, and we quickly decided that we should do a project together. We spent the better part of a year writing, demoing and recording the album. We knew we wanted the best musicians and best production possible. Unfortunately, this was awfully expensive, and we basically ran out of money and the album was left about 95% complete. I reached out to Vincent last year because of the Covid 19 shutdown and asked if he was interested in completing and releasing the album on Pure Steel.

Vincent: A lot of truly talented artists contributed to the work and played the instrumental parts that were all originally played by me. The album was almost completed but never mastered or distributed back in 2006. I tried reaching out to labels back then, but most said there was no market for it at the time. The final recording was done over a stretch of three months in 2020.

Now after 15 long years, the final act. The finished demo/album finally is just released; ” Storm Warning” . Please tell us about the production of the album, time in the studio, the final wrting proces to complete the album?

Juan: When Vincent and I began writing together we realized we had a lot of songs that did not fit the Prog/Thrash of Dark Arena. They were songs about hope and strength of character. Songs about life and the struggles of people. Musically Vincent wrote in a style that was big and grand. It gave me a lot of room to explore different melodies and more dynamic ranges. Being subtle not just belting with power.

Vincent: In “Eruption of Corruption”, I wrote most of the words which were adapted from a poem from my father, then Juan added the rap style chorus section.

How did you find the bandmembers to be a part of this project?

Juan: That was really all Vincent’s connections…. He knew Neil Zaza and hired him and his band to play on the album.

Vincent: I knew all the musicians that played on the album. I was a career musician and spent over ten years playing in Los Angeles, California back in the metal hair days. I got to work with many outstanding musicians and was able to call them and have them come support this project.

How the press and your fans received the album so far?

 Juan: I was very curious how all my metal fans would react to me releasing a Prog/Rock album, but it has been received with incredible love and support. In addition, the reviews have been amazing…. I am extremely proud of the album and glad people are enjoying it.

Vincent: I do not know the actual numbers yet, but so far, all contact and communication we have received has been very positive.

What’s happening with the other bands/projects you are involved in; Ritual, Sunless Sky, Wretch and Attaxe?

Juan: I am still completely involved with all my other projects. Dark Arena has a new album “Worlds of Horror” coming out this year. Sunless Sky is currently recording our next album “Random Acts of Violence”. Wretch is writing and demoing our next record following the success of “The Hunt” and “Man or Machine” albums. Attaxe is writing our second album after the debut of “20 Years the Hard Way”. Unfortunately, the drummer of Ritual retired from music, so the future of the band is still to be determined….

Vincent: Back in 2006, Juan and I formed another version of the band and began recording a second Veith Ricardo album. We are currently completing that album….

If there will be ‘ever’ the possibillity again to play live shows; would you be playing live on stage with this project?

Juan: I have a saying…. “Never say Never”.

Vincent: It’s possible….

Who was responsible for the nice frontcover of the album?

Juan: I was looking for a picture on the cover that spoke to the feeling we were trying to show on the album. That sense of awe and wonderment…. the feeling of excitement and of almost a terror that you feel when are faced with a power greater than yourself.

Vincent: That was all Juan and video artist Joseph Keiper.

Why you let the album be mastered by Robert Romagna in; “Audiostahl” in Austria. Was there a good reason to let it be done in Austria and not in the USA?

Juan: I have worked with Robert on mastering all my releases over the past few years. I trust his judgement and call him “The Man with the Golden Ears”. The original recording was done by the incredible Michael Seifert and the final production by Ewell Martin of Sunless Sky.

Vincent: No, I really did not have someone in mind to take it to…. and on a whim, I asked Juan…. he suggested Ewell for the recording and Robert for the mastering.

What are some of your favorite bands/artists?

Juan: My favorite Prog/Rock bands are: Rush, Yes, Genesis and U.K.

Vincent: Dream Theatre, Yes, Genesis, U.K. etc.….

Do you have a last word, something that’s on your heart you want to share with us?

Juan: I want to say thank you to You and all the readers of and to all my fans worldwide.

Vincent: I appreciate all your patronage; you are the ones who ultimately decide which direction future projects take…. Thank you!

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