Please tell us something about the city/place where you live?

I currently live in a place called Mechanicsville Maryland.  It’s a fairly small place as far as how close to Washington DC we are.  My studio/ work is in a town called Waldorf which is a fairly close to the city.   Not much metal at all here.  Never really has been much metal. A few bands back in the late 80s and early 90s but overall. Pretty plain. 

The band started in 1994. Can you take us back to the start of the band. How the band got together, how was the metal scène then and if you look to it Anno 2022 how it’s changed or not. What where your favorite bands then That had a big influence on you and the other bandmembers?

Aurora Borealis originated when I  parted ways with my former band, Lestregus Nosferatus,  I was playing with a couple guys from the classic metal band hallows  eve. It was a lot of fun but we wanted to go in different directions. So I left.  I moved down to Tampa Florida to find new guys.  I found a guy named Jim Who was the drummer for the band brutality at the time, we had a couple rehearsals but it just didn’t work out.  I am a very intense person and he smoked a lot of weed and took too many breaks. While We were rehearsing I heard another drummer in the Cannibal Corpse  rehearsal room, I asked Jim  who it was and he said it was a guy name Tony Laureano .   I called up Lee from Monstrosity and asked who it was and he told me.  So i talked to Tony and I showed him the material and he was Into it.  He said he could learn it in a week and I was like sure ok. That’s bullshit   When I came back he had it all down perfect.  So we booked Morrisound studios. We then recorded the first CD, “Mansions OF Eternity.” The CD was recorded, mixed, and mastered by  legendary producer Scott Burns. 

The Metal scene back then was really awesome in Atlanta and Florida. So many good bands that went on to become pretty big bands. It seems like everywhere in Florida you could find really awesome guys to play music with.

As far as how it has changed I think there are still many good bands coming out today, I know I still find a lot of good music. The main problem today is you have to weed through way more bands to find them. Everyone is able to self record now and usually that doesn’t turn out so well and it also leads for bands that aren’t ready to release albums. One of the main differences is you used to have to go into a real recording studio to make a record and it cost a lot of money, which means only the more serious bands were able to put out records which intern meant that more music coming out was good or professional. Now there are such poor sounding recordings and bands that are brand new but haven’t really learned how to write songs or play that are still able to release albums. I was fortunate enough to build a commercial recording studio over the years (Nightsky Studios) and that is why most of what we do is self produced. It is a professional recording facility that is booked year-round and usually booked many months in advance. I do miss the days of actually having to go out and talk to people face-to-face and promote your band that way instead of sitting on the cell phone sending messages but as with all things you have to change with the times or be left behind. 

I love music from just about every genre.  I liked all the old school death metal bands from here but I Enjoyed the black metal and thrash from Europe.  Bands like kreator or coroner  dark funeral. Setherial.  Marduk.   From America bands like morbid angel   I liked a lot of the stuff like old European stuff like dark tranquility or sentenced. And that whole sound.  

How did you guys came up with the bandname, Aurora Borealis? Are you interested in the Northern Lights?

When I was picking a band name it seemed like everyone was choosing satanic or gore names. I have never been into any of those things so I went the exact opposite direction . My music is chaotic but beautiful to me sort of like the aurora borealis, they are sort of chaotic to look at with all the patterns and the way they move but they are beautiful. I like to think we take the best of all of the heavier genres such as thrash, black, and death metal and fuse them together. We have been called and categorized all three of those styles but to me they are all equally present in the music

Iam not familiar with all the releases of the band. But when i look to the Discography, i saw this interesting tittle from 2011. Timeline: The Beginning and End of Everything. Can you explain how this album came into being and what are your thoughts on the album tittle/The story of the album Lyrically?

This album is basically a story from the beginning of time to the end of time. It starts with nothing and ends in nothing and everything that has ever existed in between. It is what I believe the true account of the entire universe is, so the title the beginning and end of everything is fitting. It is a timeline. There is also mention, a very small one that is a hint to the album that follows it called world shapers. So from that one line Spawns  the entire next album. Each song deals with a certain time in the universe, or even multi-verse.

The last album was released 4 years ago. And again for me a interesting Theme; Apokalupsis. How do you see this “Apokalupsis”. Is it a real thing we humans have to deal with, or is it all ‘just’ fiction…?

That album Deals with a lot more than the apocalypse. There is a lot of my actual beliefs included in the album as well as some fiction I threw in as well. I do believe there will be an apocalypse ,however I do not think we will see it. I think many more things have to happen prior to the apocalypse that have not occurred yet.

Apokalupsis Is from the Greek to make known things that are unknown or a disclosure of truth concerning things before the unknown.   So in my story prior to the actual apocalypse everything is revealed.

Nice Vinyl new album…

And now we are right before the release of the new album called; “Prophecy is the Mold In Which History is Poured”. The album Will be released at the 4th of November via Hammerheart Records. Please tell us about the writing process, time in the studio etc?

I typically will start with writing riffs, I end up throwing a lot of them away and trying to find certain ones that fit together well. 

After I form what I think will be the actual song structure I send it to my drummer and he starts  writing the drum parts, we go back-and-forth a few times until we get exactly what fits the best. After it is all laid out I start writing phrasing‘s for the vocals. Lastly I write the lyrics. The entire process takes many months to complete. 

How are the reactions so far to the new material from the band by the Fans and Press?

I Haven’t read to many reviews yet, I don’t think many copies have been sent out. The few that I have seen have  been really good. I saw one that didn’t care for the album so much but appreciated the technicality in writing on it.  We Released two videos and they have hundreds of comments on them 99% of them seem to love it but the entire album I haven’t had a chance to read to me the reviews yet

Any tour, live shows coming up after the release to promote the new album?

As of now We have no tour plans, I am working on an album for my black metal project imperial Crystaline Entombment . So that will consume my next 6 to 9 months. We stopped playing live sometime ago. I just prefer writing music.  

Do you have a last word or something that’s important to you, you want to share with us?

Thank you so much for the interview.  We appreciate it greatly.  I would just encourage all your readers to get in touch. We answer all emails , or messages.   Be sure to check out  both new videos.  The house of nimrod and founding fathers of deception   Then the albums follows. And thank you again for this interview.