Dear Mister Moore, how are you doing?

I am doing great. Thank you. Hope all is really good with you as well.

Please tell us something about the city or village where you live?

I live in a fairly small town in Delaware that is about 40 miles south of Philadelphia. I was born in this area and have lived here all my life. I am very comfortable here and like to be in a relatively quiet area away from too much commotion. There are many quiet rural areas here but cities and more populated areas are close by in all directions.

Born in 1964 and nearly experienced everything in the music scene. Did you ever dream about/expected that this would/could happen when you started to play the guitar when you where about 12-13 years old?

I definitely dreamed about it constantly and hoped that I could someday have a career playing music, but it seemed almost impossible. The odds are not great for anyone who wants this, and probably even lower for someone who lived in a small town. After a few years of playing, the desire became stronger. I played constantly and strived to become better as a player and songwriter. And I also prayed. (Laughs). I realized that to make the dream become a reality, I needed to be as good as I could possible be. So I worked hard and put in many hours, but I was very passionate about playing and loved it so much that it never seemed like work for me. I was very motivated and ambitious when I was young and took every opportunity I could find.

If you look back to your career, playing with the big names/bands in the hard rock scene. Meeting all these musicians, fans worldwide. How do you look back to all of this..?

It has been amazing and at times it’s almost hard for me to believe that it has happened. It’s incredible to have been able to do what I love so much. I never dreamed that I would play in so many places all over the world and that there would be fans there who recognize my music and have been influenced by it. I’m one of the luckiest guys on earth. It’s been a wonderful ride. But I’m not done yet. (Laughs).

How did you get involved in the rock/hard rock music. Did someone introduce you into the music of the Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Kiss or Alice Cooper?

I was like any other young kid who played sports, and loved hearing music and being into bands. It started with hearing songs on the radio when I was very young. Music hit me really hard and made me feel so many emotions. Some of the first records I had were by The Beatles, Elton John, Deep Purple, Queen, Peter Frampton, and Led Zeppelin. I heard about these artists from the radio or from friends. As I got more into it, I would hear about more and more bands and yes Kiss was one of them. My friend told me about the ALIVE album and I was hooked. I was Peter Criss on Halloween and around this time got my first guitar. Soon after that Van Halen came out and I was over the moon with Eddie. There was so much great music out there.

Is there still as a world known guitarist, something on your ‘Bucket list’ something that you want to happen or achieve in the near future?

Just to keep getting better, to keep making records and to increase my audience.

In May this year you played a live show in The Netherlands, at the Cacaofabriek. How was it to play in The Netherlands again?

It’s always fun to play there. I played Amsterdam as well. I even wore my Eddie Van Halen shirt as a tribute. The fans have a great energy and always seem very attentive. I hope to return soon.

Do you have plans to tour after the release of your new solo-album?

Yes we are looking into dates for next spring starting in USA. There is nothing concrete to report at the moment. There will be European shows too as always.

November 25, 2022 the new album will be released called; “Double Exposure”. Please tell us about the writing process, time in the studio etc?

It happened the same way as always. I play guitar and eventually something cool comes out and I get inspired. From there more ideas come that are related, and I start to build a song. At a certain point I go into my studio and record my ideas with a drum beat. Then I will begin to organize and arrange, and add new parts. It starts to grow and eventually it turns into a complete song. It can happen very quickly at times, but at other times it can take a lot longer and be more of a fight. I have never figured out why it happens like this, but I have learned to simply go with the flow and continue working. Time in my studio is like meditation for me. I shut out the world and focus and concentrate, and become totally in tune with myself.

You invited a lot of vocalists to take part on the new album. Why you choose to invite the singers and not decide to release a instrumental masterpiece…?

Initially I was going to make an instrumental EP with 6 songs. While listening I started to hear vocals and got the idea to do a dual record with vocal and instrumental songs. I have been wanting to do a vocal record for a long time and this was the perfect time. I always try to do my best when working on anything.

What are some of your own favorite artists/bands?

Of course all my old favorites remain. I listen to a lot of different styles of music but I am not sure I can name favorites. There are so many artists doing great things. I’m into anything great within any style.

Do you have a last word or something that’s on your heart you want to share with our readers..?

Have as much fun as possible. Spend as much time as you can with your friends and family. Take advantage of every day. Be safe and be good to others.