It’s Christmas time 2022. How People in Poland and in your families celebrate these days?

Damian: Hello and thank you, we’re doing fine. It’s Christmas indeed 😉 Here in Poland, we celebrate it in a very traditional way. Pretty much everybody sits in front of the television and watch that great story about Kevin McCallister…’Home Alone’ or something like this 😉

Please tell us how the band got together?

Margo: Simply, without unnecessary consideration. There was a moment when I didn’t believe in my strength, that anyone would like to play this kind of music or could handle this. Once I felt if I didn’t start a band, I didn’t find the courage to make my dream come true, I would become unhappy. So, I put everything on one card, I found people. Process of forming the band was between a year or two. During that time there were some personal changes, sometimes I didn’t like someone or he didn’t feel it right, some other had a problem with too much concerts. In my opinion when you’re a musician you play for the people to get a satisfaction and fulfillment. Presently the squad of the band’s been the same since a few years. I managed to find people who feel that genre right, who want to play and go further without giving up. Hardworking people that I can work with, and not being afraid that they will resign because of some bullshit. It is called a flesh and blood band.   

Damian: I joined the band after a year of its existence when Margo invited me to cooperate. We knew each other from the stage and different bands. That was the time to do something together.

When and how you both started to listen to metal music and what are some of your favorite artists/bands?

Margo: I started listen to metal and rock music when I was 13. I had no role models from which I could draw my passion for this genre. My parents didn’t listen to music so often, only what was on the radio or television. In my case it came naturally, I’ve always felt metal and rock in my soul. At the beginning where ever I had an access to this, that time I didn’t have the internet, it was a long time ago, we lived in a small town. The internet developed these places very slowly. So, the only place I had was a newspaper stand with some music magazines where I found something for me. When I got an opportunity to be at the music store I used to buy cassettes (yes cassettes, CDs in that time in Poland were rarities). After that I met some people that I could talk with, about the music, and started to exchange cassettes, burn CDs when someone was badass and had a computer. First festivals and concerts I went, I got into this atmosphere and I knew it would be an adventure for my whole life. I felt that one day, I will be in a band and give the “spirit” to the listeners…

Damian: I got something from my parents. My Mom showed me Queen on MTV when I was five or six and so it started like this. I saw there also Guns & Roses, Metallica and many other bands popular at the beginning of the 90’s. Few years later when I was fifteen I think, someone show me the guitar. I thought it would be pretty cool to play the guitar…you know 😉Some of my friends had a band and took me once to listed to their rehearsal and it was quite awesome, so I started to learn how to play and  six months later I started a band with people I met in the bar…

How is the metal scène in Wroclaw and Poland nowadays?

Margo: Unfortunately, in Wroclaw metal music started to disappear. What once was brilliant now stopped existing. Actually, we’re one of the bands with perspective in the city that play regularly concerts. Let’s say, the metal scene here is in good shape but there is no more support. The Media prefer commercial music, authority’s close cult music clubs, the promotion is on the internet where fans are able to know what’s actually on the market. In Poland there’s no financial support for metal bands. Everything we’ve achieved is a result of hard work and compassion. Today we’re in some position we can play some concerts but Poland still isn’t ready for the return of the good old times of this genre. But we have a lot of fans here in Poland that support us and come always to our gigs. That’s the most important for us. We signed a contract with a label from Germany so we hope to appear eventually in Germany and other countries of Europe.      

Moyra just played some live shows with Grzegorz Kupczyk/CETI. Please tell us about it?

Margo: What else can we say. We know and like each other. We like perform together very much  it’s our rock’n roll family  

Last year the band played some tours and festivals in Poland. Is the band ready to play in the rest of Europe? Any plans or is the band already invited to play outside the country?

Margo: We would like to play European tour, but to manage this we would need someone to promote it and help with some papers. Unfortunately, we don’t have financial support like other bands in other countries. We’re on our own here. We have regular jobs and mostly in the weekend play. To go for some one-month tour, we would need  to have some backup for gas, accommodation, food. We would love to visit our fans abroad because we already have some, but it is a series of different events.   

The band released 2 EP’S; Threads of Fate & Re- Genesis. Please tell us something about the writing process and time in the studio recording these albums?

Damian: Usually I write the music by doing improvisations on the guitar. When I like a riff, I write it down I start thinking how to carry on. And so it goes. Sometimes it’s good for the intro, or the verse, the chorus or some other part of the track. There is no rule. Sometimes I hear something in my head and then I play it. When everything is ready, I mean all the guitars, drums, bass other instruments I show it to the band and we do the rest. Sometimes it requires some changes sometimes doesn’t. When the music is ready it’s time for the vocals.

Margo: In the moment, when I receive an instrumental track, I start to see what I want to sing about, I see pictures, the atmosphere and then I start to write. I’ve got some philosophical attitude about the lyrics, I love metaphors, that visionary atmosphere, the mysticism. I like to convert a real world to the spiritual one. To see that from another perspective. Mostly I choose a subject which relates to the subject of the unit but in the other hand it also relates to some problem of the society. Of course, I start with vocal melodies. Sometimes it’s hard and It takes a few months, sometimes it goes ina few moments cause I have a good flow. Creating isn’t easy. I won’t release some crap because it has to be done. No, if I have to sing, except the lyrics, the melody has to give sparks, stay in the mind and arouse admiration. When I feel this, then I have a message straight form my heart – yes, the track is done.

Are the Physic EP’S still available? And can People find you on Spotify?

Margo: Yes, it’s still available. Resources are slowly running out but there is still a purchase available of physical EP’s. On Spotify all our tracks are available

Are lyrics important to the band, or is it the music that counts. Can you tell us how the band is inspired lyrically?

Margo: Everything is important. I don’t know what the other guys think about it but from my side it should be consistent to be serious. There is music and the lyrics have to make sense. I don’t like to sing about nonsens. I always have a vision, which is connected with the music. Then as a true Witch, I stir it all up for the magic with melodies, ideas etc…

Damian: Yes, my opinion is the same. I can’t choose what is more important. Crappy music with good lyrics is better then crappy lyrics with good music, but….if I had to choose something, I prefer music with no lyrics then lyrics without music.

How both EP’s where received by Press and Fans?

Margo: In my opinion very well. I fit wasn’t we would be not invited to play any gigs. We would not show our creativeness anywhere. I hope it will go further then Poland and I will be very happy.

Damian: The EP’s where very good received. But iam quite shure that the new album will do a much better job.

The new Full Length album

When we can expect a full length album from Moyra?

Margo: On the 3rd of march actually. Our full album will be released and we start our tour ‘Blood Pact 2023’. The tour will promote our new album and we’re very happy because of that.

Margo, I just read about Orgasmatron. What is this project all about?

Margo: The project started to the cultivated music of Lemmy from Motorhead. In the band play my mates Titus from Acid Drinkers, Wojtek from Turbo and Janz from Flapjack. I do some performances from time to time as a guest in three songs  Having fun and Rock ’n Roll.  

Anything you want to share with our readers?

Margo: Stay heavy cause Moyra doesn’t slow down. It’s the goddess of faith and destiny and as we know, her destiny is to give people the joy of music and show something completely different on our metal stage. Soon new videos and the album will be out, so we can be happy. We invite you to concerts on the tour, check our Facebook for all info….

Damian: See you out there!!!