With metalheads around the world waiting for the release of Slipknot’s new album next week, THE LOUNGE KITTENS have released a new video to tide us all over.

Highlighting their own Duality, their interpretation of the Slipknot classic sees confusion and chaos arise over a ‘Kittens double booking. The ‘Kittens explain:

“Slipknot’s ‘Duality’ has got such a frantic energy about it (especially when you accompany the video alongside it) with super dark angst and dirty rhythm, and I really wanted to convey the same atmosphere but still take it away from its origins” explains Jen Kitten

“Duality was a perfect choice for a video due to the various themes we could extract from the original song, video and how well they leant themselves to our interpretations.” Continues Timia Kitten.

“The Lounge Kittens as a band are all about ‘DUALITY’. So we had two groups of fans from different sides – the cabaret crowd who appreciate the cheek of what we do and the die-hard metallers with a sense of humour – arguing over a double-booking and whose event we should ultimately play at. This also gave us an opportunity to put the two sides in different masks which was a nice little nod to Slipknot. Jenny’s arrangement reminded me so much of the silent film era, whenever we sang the verse I envisioned Keystone Kops, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, slapstick chases and funny sped up running, so that was what we were channelling during the making of this video. Obviously, it’s not a Lounge Kittens video without a generous helping of goofiness, so making it silly, ridiculous and fun was always massively important. What we ended up with was a good ‘ole slapstick chase. Plus also sequins.” Timia Kitten

Check out the video here:

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