Well this should be interesting: Eluveitie frontman and non-embracer-of-skullets Chrigel Glanzmann is going to be appearing on the upcoming Amorphis album, Under the Red Cloud. This little tidbit was curiously absent from last week’s formal album announcement, but was revealed via Eluveitie’s Facebook page earlier today:

As many of you may know, our Finnish friends from Amorphis just spent some time in studio to record their upcoming album, which will be released in September this year. And as you may know, we’re never idling away our time but always find some spare hours for creative outlets even between our damn busy touring schedule.

And so we’re happy to announce that Chrigel recorded a couple pretty folky lines for the upcoming Amorphis album last month.

These folk tracks were recorded in our own rehearsal room between two festival shows; microphones and some equipment were kindly provided by New Sound Studio (Tommy Vetterli).

Comments Chrigel: “After what I’ve heard so far ‘Under The Red Cloud’ will be yet another milestone in Amorphis’ artistic career – a truly dynamic, vivid and vigorous album! And I’m super happy to contribute some Celtic tones to it! Keep your eyes and ears open!”

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