Michael Sweet has revealed some news about the upcoming studio album ‘Fallen’, which will be released later this fall.

The album was written and arranged very quickly (9-10 days actually). This by no means reflects on the quality of the album. It’s some of our best material to date and so far those who have heard it have said the very same. Chris Jericho texted me and said that Yahweh may be the best song since reuniting. Kevin (our publicist) said that the ballad is our new “Honestly”!

There are songs on this album that coincide with sitting down and reading the bible. The music is heavy and the lyrics are bold and powerful, some taken right from scriptures. Sonically I think this is our best sounding album to date! Everything is crystal clear. The highs are crisp and the lows are tight and punchy. The more I listen, the more excited I am for all of you to hear it!!!

We will be announcing a track listing/song titles soon and once we have a date to release the first song (and which one) you’ll be the first to know.

Love you all and I hope you’re ready for ‘Fallen’.

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