The Aarhus-based death deathcore band UNSEEN FAITH are ready to release a gut heavy mini album on the 27th of November. The album has been titled “Yokebreaker”. UNSEEN FAITH is something as rare as a danish Christian metal band. The amount of Christian metal bands in Denmark can be counted on one hand.

The genre is huge abroad, and the band has also received attention in the United States. The five bandmates are passionate about their messages, and dealing with something quite unique on hand.

“It feels good to be finished with what we believe is the best creative output of our five year musical journey. After several changes and adversity Yokebreaker is finally ready. We look forward to releasing our music in to the world especially hailing from a country where the scene for our type of music is non existent. But the results speaks for it self and we are ready to show our potential to the world” Says lead guitarist Asbjørn Brokhøj

Unseen Faith is a brutal match for all the other christian bands out there. Breakneck slams go hand in hand with glow sparkling guitar riffs in a frenetic pace that makes the ground under you shake. Unseen Faith are not wasting too much time with atmosphere. It is original, direct and brutal – with an honest message.

The album is self-produced and released throughout Europe via Prime Collective and Border Music on the 27th of November 2015. This release will be followed by a tour in Denmark, Europe in 2016 and a show on Rock Alive 2016 in de Basiliek in Veenendaal, The Netherlands.

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