As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis has announced plans to release a new album from the California prison where he is currently serving a six year sentence.

“We’ve all heard the rappers who release songs from prison and it’s kinda going to be like that, except with metalcore. I’m really excited about how it’s sounding. Recording it through the visitation phone will give it a certain edginess that most modern bands don’t have.” Lambesis said from his cell.

Fans can expect the album to release early next year, although it will not feature any other former members of the band, who have since formed a completely new group — Wovenwar.

“I don’t even want to call it an album… I wanna call it a mixtape. There’s something about calling it a prison mixtape that lends it a certain level of credibility. The fans who have doubted me will soon learn that I’m still the king of metalcore… and I’m stronger than ever. Metalcore is still relevant out there right?” he said.