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Hello Klaus Dirks and Sven Ludke, please tell us about your hometown; Oldenburg?

Sven: Klaus and I aren’t living in Oldenburg, but I was born there and lived there several years. It is a very nice town, something like a second hometown besides the cities we actually live in.

Is there any ‘Heavy Metal Scene’ in the area; Oldenburg, Bremen, Leer and Cloppenburg?

Klaus: Yes, there are many great bands and musicians in this area. Many of them are friends of us and we are always happy share the stage with them when we are doing show in this area.


Please tell us about the new album; ‘Beast Reborn’. Writing process, time in the studio etc.

Sven: Since 2011 we are developing ideas and writing the songs in my studio at my place.
Prior to that we exclusively worked on songs in the rehearsel room. That was so exhausting for everyone so we needed to find a different approach to this process. Working on songs in the studio made everything a lot easier.
The writing and recording of „Beast Reborn“ was really creative and constructive. But it is nevertheless a long and challenging time, where all the creative powers within the band have to be gathered. By now we are pretty good at it 😉

mob rules 2018

Who was responsible for the cover of the album, it really looks great!

Klaus: Our drummer Nikolas is responsible for all the artwork. We absolutely trust him when it comes to doing the artwork. It really looks great.

What is the meaning behind:”Beast Reborn”. I mean lyrically? Sounds like something is in the air……

Klaus: After we all were going through some personal challenges like divorces, deaths of relatives and so on and some band-internal shit, writing this album was like a rebirth and we felt the need to give this album a title that show the strength we can achieve when needed. And we are still going strong.

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I just saw the really positive review about the new album in Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine UK. Thats a good start…

Sven: Absolutely! We are very happy. Mentioning the „out-of-nowhere“ key change in the chorus of „Ghost Of A Chance“ indicated a well-grounded knowledge. I, as the main songwriter in the band, am always happy when someone recognises these little compositional ideas…

Tell us something about the idea of the Album Release Shows?

Klaus: These shows will be something very special for us and hopefully for the fans as well. After a long writing, producing and promotion phase we are keen to bring the new songs up on stage. Because these are the moments you are living for as a musician. Singing the songs live and see and feel the reactions is what makes all the work and struggle worth.

The band just released the first single from the new album, called: Ghost of a Chance. Please tell us about the recording of this video clip?

Klaus: We worked together with Rainer Fränzen from „Und Action! Film- und Medienservice“ in Hilchenbach. The most extensive video production we did to date. It was fun and we are happy we had the opportunity to do this video.

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I just saw you guys for the first time live at the birthday party from Tjalling Dykstra, he invited you guys to play a gig in Leeuwarden, Neushoorn. Please tell us about this nice birthday party. I really enjoyed it!

Sven: That was fun as well, He is a friend of us and so we did him a favor. It really was a nice party 😉

Any idea if the band will tour through Europe after the release of the new album?

Klaus: As mentioned we are going to play three release shows. In Weiher, in Oberhausen and in Wilhelmshaven. And at the end of september we will be on tour together with Brainstorm for five gigs. We are right now in the planning for more shows.

What are some of your own favorite bands/artists?

Sven: We all like different kind of music and metal genres. But we all have our roots in the more traditional kind of Heavy Metal and that is where Mob Rules has it’s fundament as well. Bands like Iron Maiden and others have a big influence on us of course. But I like Death Metal and Progressive Metal as well.

Do you have a last word to the readers of Bonavox?

Klaus: If you never had the opportunity to see Mob Rules live come and see the band on tour. And if you are into powerful and melodic Heavy Metal get your copy of „Beast Reborn“ Thank you all for your support 🙂