Hallo Erik van der Vlis, how are you doing? Hello Heiko, very well

Please tell us something about your hometown? I was born in a little village Harmelen, and now living in Woerden

You just came back from a show with a new band called; Last Son of Eve. You are the guitarist in this trio. Please tell us about the concert in Hoogeveen, The Netherlands? Yes, it was the stay tuned festival and was very fun to play with the guys. I like the festival there, sound was ok, the people where ok, and also the food was ok. Very nice opportunity to do our maiden gig over there

LSOE, Live in Hoogeveen

How do you describe the music of LSOE? Rock, Art rock meets pop Saga, Gabriel, Steven Wilson etc

You had your own technician from Amsterdam specially came to Het Podium, Hoogeveen? Yes, Werner Prost! the most kind person on planet earth 🙂 Also worked with him due the Sons of Apollotour with Dilemma

Dilemma, Live

When did you start playing the bass/Guitar? I was 13 or 14 when I picked up the bass guitar and 16 or something when i started to play the guitar.

What where your favorite bands/artists at that moment? Steven Wilson, Camel, Genesis, Neal Morse, Frost, IQ, Arena

You where involved in the B-Band, i think this band excists in the 90.s. The band played a lot in the Koffiebars in The Netherlands- Church youthgroups/clubs? Poe hee, that was a long time ago, yes. Also, at schools and other projects in east Germany

B-Band-Herman Haan

Did the B-Band finally released a full-album? Yes a full album (immortal emotion, try me a cd singel)
What happened with the B-Band…? It is a project what is resting in the refrigerator, 5 years ago we had a reunion in cafe the sub in Ede

Dilemma, Live

When did you become a part of Dilemma? Yes, I become part of the band in 99. So this is my 20th anniversary 🙂

I think after the release in 1995 the world should be open for Dilemma to conquer the Prog world around Europe/Japan etc..? What happened with the band after the release of Imbroccata? The cd was selling worldwide very good and there where also a lot of gigs that time, but without me of course and then there was a time out for a lot of years.

When did the members came together again and decided to start the band again after so many years..? There was that time the IO-pages festival in the boerderij zoetermeer, and the name dilemma showed up again, we decided to go on with the band and also make a new album. It was now 2011

Dilemma and Sons of Apollo-Mike Portnoy

Last year the second album from Dilemma saw the light of day; Random Acts of Liberation. Please tell us about the writing process and time in the studio? That was a very intensive time of writing, put old songs with new songs together, shape it, a lot of work, sweat, and finally go to Los Angeles to Rich Mouser who mixed it very nice to an acceptable sound of these day’s music, where prog could be pop.

How was the album received by press and fans? The ratings are very good and hopefully more fans will be coming in after hearing this amazing new album

Tell us how Mike Portnoy was involved in promoting this new Dilemma album? Mike is a friend of our drummer Colin and helped us out to write some very kind words and RAOL is also one of his top 10 albums 2018

Please tell us how things are going at the moment with Dilemma? We are now preparing us for the Flying Colors tour Europe, so that will be awesome

Are you also involved in other bands/projects at the moment? I play in several projects with different people, bass guitar, guitar, and a lot of recordingsessions

You are also a guitar/bass teacher tell us something about it? Yes, i am a guitar and bass guitar teacher since 2007. I was ill that time and not capable of doing work, so i decided to work on guitarlessons and now have 17 students. Very nice to do.

What are some of your favorite bands at the moment? Still, Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, IQ. I love their sound!

Do you have a last word/or something that’s on your heart you want to share with us? Very nice to do this interview! Thank you!

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