Hello Bjorn how are you doing? Hi, I am doing fine.

Please tell us something about the metal scene in your area? The metal scene in the Eastern part of the Netherlands (near the German border) is pretty good. Before the whole pandemic thing happened there where live bands pretty much every week.  From rock to punk/hardcore to Death metal & grindcore. And you would have your bars with coverbands. All and all pretty good region if one would enjoy live music.

You Guys should play some shows this time, like in Hedon, Zwolle, Groningen, Hengelo and Enschede NL and later playing the mighty Stonehenge Festival in Steenwijk. What’s happening with the concerts during the worldwide Pandemic? We’ve had a few gigs planned that either got postponed or cancelled completely. Just like anyone else we will have to wait and see what’s happening in the near future. We can’t wait to hit the stage.

Please tell us how Putrefied Corpse got started? Well Arno and Martin where already in the banc when I joined. They had some lineup changes and when Gerben & Arjan joined Putrefied Corpse thing started moving to a next gear .

In 2019 the first release: “Left to Rot” Saw the light of Day. Can you tell us about the writing process and time in the studio? It was recorded in different locations and over a longer period of time.  Some at home and drums & vocals in the Dirty Bird in Hoogeveen. All off the songs & lyrics where already there. Martin & Arno  are the main composer for PC and we all fine tune it together.

How you Guys did come in contact with Extreme Music in Spain, who released the album? Gerben knew Dave already and I think Gerben got him drunk and forced Dave to sing Putrefied corpse to Xtreem Records. Dave seems to be a pretty laid back guy and the deal was smooth and easy. Overall we seem to be getting decent reviews & Interviews from all over the globe that is mainly due to the Xtreem team hard work and their connections.

How was the response of the album by press and fans? We’ve got some great reviews and some really bad ones.  So it is a matter of taste. We strive to stick to a primal sort of death/grind influence and that’s not everybody’s cup of tea. We don’t want to have to cut and edit the life out of a record. So there might be a sloppy part or a scream that sounds off. I think it generates a certain raw vibe we all like and fits Putrefied Corpse.

Any future plans with Putrefied Corpse? The guys are pretty far with writing new stuff for the full length and Gerben started recording the drums for a split ep. Looking forward to that.

Please tell us about another band you are involved in: “Pulmonary Abscess”. This band started in 1989 and is one of the older Death/Thrash metal bands from The Netherlands? I’ve joined Pulmonary Abscess as a drummer a few years back when the last band I played drums in stopped. (Not Otherwise Specified). We’ve got a pretty solid set list witch strikes the whole discography. Pulmonary Abcess got 5 new songs. Marijn & Edwin have been the long time members and when I joined the rest of Not Otherwise Specified joined the band to. Funny detail The Singer Thijs, guitarist Bart and Marijn are brothers so it’s a family affair.

What about a new album? The last album was released I think in 2002 or? We’ve got 5 new songs and 3 more in the works. No real plans anytime soon mainly due to the whole pandemic.

Any other future plans with the band? As I said Putrefied Corpse is gearing up to record a split and a full length got material that needs some work. Hopefully we will get back to some of the plans we had before the release of the first album. Pulmonary Abscess is in writing mode. And this will take some more time.

What are some of your own favorite bands/artists? It varies I really like most sorts of Death metal and this will be my go to if I want it loud and heavy.   Bands like Fractal Generator, Fleshcrawl, Aborted, Wounds, Ulcerate, Coffin worm Gorguts, Monstrosity. Besides that I enjoy the Swans, Bjork,  Mr Bungle, Daughters,  Death Grips or Run the Jewels, 16 horsepower or No Means No If its good it’s good…

Do you have a last word to the readers of Bonavox.nl? Stay safe and let’s have a drink after this pandemic is over.