Rob Moratti is a solo artist, the voice of Final Frontier and has been fronting Saga.
The Canadian is a genuine and true original. With an astonishing range, he has carved such an unique style blending the finest elements of melodic and progressive rock. 
He started his career professionally in the early 90’s as lead vocalist and songwriter of the band Moratti; entering the new millennium with Final Frontier. They immediately were well-received making an impact on the airwaves of Japan and Europe. Rob’s future went forward with Final Frontier, soaring out four incredible melodic pieces.

Over the years, in spite of all the changes in the music scene, Rob’s perseverance and passion stood strong. His fate is so undeniable, it captured the attention of multi-platinum selling and legendary progressive rock band Saga. In 2008, the official announcement was made that Rob Moratti would become the new voice of Saga and at the age of 42, Rob’s destiny would evolve.

Today in 2020, Rob is about to deliver another impeccable solo record titled “Paragon” which is now his second release with AOR Heaven. When it comes to songs, melodies, harmonies and range – as many know – Rob Moratti is in a league of his own.
The songs on “Paragon” are astonishing as ever and filled with his trademark harmonies and memorable choruses that will capture the listener and engrave your soul. He was working alongside some the best songwriters and performers in the genre such as Ulrick Lönnqvist, Pete Alpenborg, Felix Borg, Ken Sandin and Torben Enevoldsen on lead, rhythm guitars and keyboards, Stu Reid on drums and Tony Franklin on the monster bass. Joining him now in 2020, special guests on lead guitars are Joel Hoekstra and Ian Crichton.

Rob has also worked with many power house musicians that have been part of his solo career like Joel Hoekstra (g, Whitesnake / TSO / Night Ranger / Cher), Reb Beach (g, Whitesnake / Winger / Dokken), Tony Franklin (b, Blue Murder / The Firm), Brian Doerner (d, Saga) and Ian Crichton (g, Saga).

“Paragon” was produced by Rob Moratti, mixed by Moratti and Torben Enevoldsen and mastered by Moratti, too.