Hello Robert how are you doing? I am doing very well considering everything.

At the moment the world is in a strange/sad/crazy mood from this pandemic thing, how are you, your family, the bandmembers and the average Americans living in these ‘troubled’ times? I think the majority are moving along quite well. We are more than ready to get back to concerts and festivals.

Did you guys played any live shows last year, 2020? WE did not play any shows in 2020. Our last show was on Nov 1 2019 at the Pure Steel festival in Cleveland

If you look to the Discography from Attika then someone might think, what happened with the band during all these years? We became dormant. Some of us were involved in different projects but nothing really developed.

The first album was released way back in 1988. Then 3 years later came; When Heroes Fall (1991) and then… A long slumber…to finally awaken in the Metal lands

Do you remember the time when you guys started in the 80’s. Please tell us about these great times in the heavy metal scene…?  Those times were priceless. FM radio was full of great bands. MTV still played videos. It seemed as though it would last forever.

How is it to live in Florida as a metal band. Is there any metal scene still in your area? I don’t really know. I know people were supporting local music up until the shutdowns.

Please tell us about the re-release in 2020 from When Heroes Fall? It was a great opportunity to re-emerge from dormancy. We are very happy with it.

How did you guys got in contact with Pure Steel Records? They approached us in 2018. There were many discussions, but everything went very smoothly.

And now….finally a new album your 3rd release is coming to see the light of day. It’s called: “Metal Lands”.Please tell us about the writing proces, time in the studio etc..? The writing took a while. We started to pursue the Metal lands idea before the re-release of Heroes. The studio was fantastic. Mark Brasel and Jason Anz were great to work with.

How are the reactions so far from press and fans about the new album? It is going quite well. Most numbered reviews are around 8/10 average. I know that there are some out there that just don’t like it, but that happens.

The album starts with a ‘killer’ song; Metal Lands; “There begins a new world order, the living fight to stay alive. Terror rules with an iron hand, lives of many cast like die…” That sounds like 2020/2021 and the future of the planet..?  I suppose. It’s a continuation of our post apocalyptic journey that started in Black Rose.

Hopefully they will be back soon in the EU…

What are some of your favorite bands/artists? I personally enjoy Judas Priest, Kiss, Saxon, NL Emerald Glacier, the new Tygers of Pan Tang. Too many to list

Do you have a last word or something that’s on your heart you want to share with us? Thank you for the opportunity to discuss Attika. We hope to see thing open up and possibly get back to Europe.