Hello Jason, how are you doing?

Hi Heiko. Doing great. Thanks for having me!!

Please tell us how you, your family and he bandmembers survive the worldwide pandemic who hit the world for more then a year now..?

Thanks for asking. Australia’s is doing quite well from the rest of the world. Everything is pretty much back to normal with the exception of international artists coming to our shores as there is a 2 week quarantine for international travellers. That being said, things can change in a day if a few cases are found in a major city and restrictions get imposed again. Fingers crossed we all get over this very quickly and the world gets back to normal!!!

When did you get interested to sing? do you play any instruments? and did you attent Conservatorium/Academy of Music or did you learn everything by yourself?

At the tender age of 6 my Father  push me to play the piano accordion (where I was bashing out ABBA tunes mixed with Polkas and Jazz) which I did for 10 years. He was devasted when I gave it up to focus on the electric guitar!!! These early years gave me a real basis to reading and understanding music.

When I demo and write an upcoming album, I play all the instruments myself. However, when we go into the studio to track the album, this is done by band memebers or great musicians that I have been using for years.

How did you fall in love with rock/hardrock/heavy metal music?

I became a huge KISS fan when I was 10 years old ( and still am). A few years later I saw Run To The Hills on MTV and I was hooked from then on. Heavy Rock had invaded my soul and it has never left.  

What are main bands/artists that influence you to start Crosson? 

Well, if there was no KISS, there would be no CROSSON. After that, it was pretty much the whole 80s era: Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Dokken, Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Stryper, Alice Cooper, Ratt, Poison,  Ozzy, Def Leppard, Judas Priest, WASP,  DIO, Keel, Accept, Whitesnake, Vandenberg, TNT…. the list just goes on……

I have to say that I never heard about the band. I got this mail in my mailbox today, opened it and checked you guys out and was really surprised! I really liked the Live At The Orpheum, Sydney, Australia. Thanks to Birgitt from Germusic who send me all details about the band! I think a lot of rock fans in Europe still don’t know about Crosson..?

We are slowly building our European following. Each new album and video brings in new fan base thanks to our amazing publicists and also thanks to magazines,  webzines (such as yours) and radio stations.

Please tell us how the band got together?

I have been working on the project for many years and havehad  numerous line up changes,…..as you do in this business!! The whole concept was to have myself and 2 backing female singer / dancers as the focal point of the group which has remained the constant for all these years. Current members have either auditioned or have been recommended.

I really like the logo of the band, it’s really that 80’s feeling when I look to it. Tell us who got the idea for it and who was resonsible to create the Logo..?

Ha!! Now thats a story!! I actually designed that logo when I was in my final year of high school ( and still have the original drawing) . Years later when I started the group, we had a different logo created which I really wasnt happy with. About 4 years ago, I had my orignal idea digitised and its been like that ever since.

In 2016 you guys released the first album: ” Spreading the Rock ‘N Roll Disease”. And in 2018 ‘Invicible’ saw the light of day and last year a full length with the title; Rock ‘N Roll Love Affair came to the world. How this albums where received by press and fans and can you see that the band are getting more fans around the globe after releasing this 3 albums?

With each album our profile grows as we get more airplay and press. Since its release in 2020, Rock ‘N Roll Love affair has received great reviews around the globe “10/10” (Metal Temple ) , “5/5” (Battle Helm),  “9/10” (Metal Only),  “4.5/5” (Strombring.at) . It really puts the pressure on to make the next album even better,  but also not a replica of the previous record.  

How did you get in contact with Duane Baron, known for his work with; Motley Crue, Poison, Ozzy Osbourne and Dave Donnelly known for his work with; Aerosmith, Whitesnake and Cher..?

After we had finished tracking Spreading The Rock N Roll Disease, I felt that we needed some big names associated with the band and album. I went throuhg my CD collection and looked at who had worked on some of my favourite albums. Both Duane Baron and Dave Donnelly‘s names came up frequently, so I reached out to them and they were happy to get involved. They have mixed and mastered every studio album since.

The Blu-Ray and CD Set form Live At The Orpheum; will be released worldwide on 25 June, 2021 via Galaxy Records. How are the reactions from the pressand fans  so far?

I believe it went to press only a few days ago however, everyone that has seen the video concert has been really impressed and the feedback has been great so far!! If our publicist likes it, then that‘s a good thing 😊 !!!  

The film is really great to watch. A high level production and excited band and crowd at the Orpheum Theatre in Sydney. It reminds me when watching of; Kiss meets Motley Crue and a bit of Alice Cooper show.. It was a big achievement and a lot of work to get the final production done as it is now..?

Thank you. We were booked to do a show at the Orpheum Theatre and it was a perfect opportunity to utilise the big the screen and put on our multimedia show to give people an insight into the CROSSON live show.

On the stage is where CROSSON really shines and we wanted to capture that for those around the world who aren‘t able to see us, especially during these crazy times.

We had a 6 camera set up and it was filmed in HD. Lord Tim  did the edit and mix and when we received it back, I thought that it would be great as a Blu Ray / CD box set as well as a HD digital download. To be honest, more work and stress goes into making a studio album and the accompanying video clips as its all new material that needs to be created from scratch. This was a lot easier… at least for me……not sure about Tim though !!!

Please tell us about ” The Girls” in the band. How did you get them involved in the live show? its really nice to see when you see it in the whole perspective and  theatrical setting of the show..?

Since I had the idea of forming CROSSON, the concept was always myself and two singer / dancers as the focal and marketing point of the band. I got that idea from seeing Motley Crue many years ago and when the girls came out I thought… ’’ WOW!! That would be great if they came our more often and were more upstage than at the back just doing backing vocals.’’  The girls and the costume changes really are the highlight of the show.  

When you write lyrics; what is for you important to share with the listeners. Is it only Rock ‘N Roll and having fun. Or is there: “more then meets the eye”, that you maybe want to share with the listeners..?

Although we have a tongue- in- cheek side with songs like ’Weak At The Knees (For A Hot Brunette), most of the CROSSON material has an uplifting, positive and  inspirational message. If we can get one kid who listens to a CROSSON song and goes out to chase their dreams and never stops when the going gets tough, then the message has gotten through!

What about the future plans for Crosson?

World domination of course!! 😊 !! We are booking more shows for the remainder of the year and also looking into 2022. Also, we will be heading into the studio in the next few months to start work on the next CROSSON album which will hopefully be released mid – late 2022.

Do you have any dream with the band: maybe playing on a festival or touring with; KISS, Motley Crue or Alice Cooper..?

Ha! Yes all of the above!!. We are happy to play to anyone, the bigger the crowd the better!!! In reality, getting on a tour with KISS or Motley Crue would require quite a large buy-in!!

Do you have a last word, or something that’s on your heart you want to share with the readers of Bonavox..?

Thank you Heiko for having me and also thanks to the readers of Bonovox for keeping the spirit of rock and metal alive and allowing us to do what we love!!

If you have a passion in life, go out and follow it ‘‘If you believe , you can achieve”….